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What to do When Your Home has been Burglarized

burglar If you have ever been the victim of a burglary, you know this is an extremely terrifying experience that can have long-lasting effects. Because of the emotional distress this type of situation causes, it can be difficult to know just what to do when your home has been burglarized. There are few key steps to take, from calling the police to filing an insurance claim. Following these six steps will ensure you are fully prepared in the unfortunate event that your home is burglarized.

1. Wait for the Police – The first step is to call the police upon discovering a home invasion. If you were not home when the burglary happened and can tell from the outside that your home was invaded, wait for the police to arrive before you go inside to avoid potential danger. If you were home when the burglary occurred, wait for the police to arrive before you touch anything, as they will need to dust for fingerprints and fully document the crime scene.

2. Gather All Information – After calling the police, be sure to provide as much detailed information as possible to help in the investigation. If you saw the person who broke into your home, remember relevant details about them, including their sex, race, age, clothing, method of transportation, and the direction they went after they left. You should also gather information about your surroundings such as damage to your home.

3. Document Items Missing – Immediately create a documented list of all of items that were stolen once it is safe to enter the home. If possible, provide before and after pictures of all areas that show which items are now missing. A complete list of missing items can be critical for both the police and your insurance company.

4. File a Police Report  If you are planning to file an insurance claim after a home invasion, it is important to file a police report as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 hours, after discovery. You may have to travel to the police station to file your report, or may be able to file it via an online form.

5. Call Your Insurance Company – After filing the police report, call your insurance company and report the theft. They will need all the information you provided the police to begin processing your claim. Ensure your insurance company has the missing items list you created.

6. Update Your Security System – Another key consideration after your home has been burglarized is to update your security system. Consider how the attacker was able to enter – were doors unlocked? Did they break in a window? Determine which steps you can take to secure your home, from reinforcing locks and alarms to installing reliable surveillance equipment.   Do you need a better security system for your home? At All Secured we offer everything from alarms and locksmithing to access control and surveillance equipment. Contact us today to learn more about securing your Columbus, Ohio home from intruders and keeping your valuables and family safe.

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