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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems for Columbus, Ohio Businesses

Fire Alarm Installation

A fire alarm detection system can save the lives of building occupants in the event of a fire. All Secured Security Services offer fire alarm installation in Columbus Ohio a licensed and certified fire alarm contractor for the design and installation of commercial fire alarm detection systems. Our team of experienced professionals has a vast knowledge of current fire codes to ensure your facility is fully protected and passes inspection the first time.

Typically, fire alarm systems are classified as automatically actuated, manually actuated or sometimes even both. A fire alarm contractor is trained to determine the best system for your needs and customize it with specific components and arrangements necessary for your space. Quality fire alarm designs not only enhance safety protection, but when planned by a professional, allow for a more accurate cost estimate and timely installation.

Manually actuated devices are constructed near exits for easy identification and operation, and involve break-glass stations. Automatically actuated devices are designed to detect physical changes in the environment associated with a fire and when activated sound an alarm. Fire alarm detection systems also vary in style, and notification features can include visible, audible, textual, tactile and sometimes even olfactory signals.

Regardless of the size or type of business, the All Secured fire alarm design and installation team in Columbus, Ohio can provide a safe environment for your personnel and assets. Coupled with our state-of-the-art, nationally accredited Monitoring Station; our fire alarm design and installation team is prepared to provide the quality service required. For more information on installing a fire alarm detection system into your building, contact All Secured today.

BDA System Fire Alarms

All Secured designs and installs BDA / ERS Fire Alarms. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get a BDA fire alarm system today.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm testing is a critical part of any fire alarm system. All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio is licensed and certified to perform partial and 100 percent fire alarm testing for your business, facility or property space. Our professionals can check systems we’ve installed as well as those installed by other companies to ensure the system is in proper working condition, as well as in compliance with local, state and national fire codes.

Fire alarm testing should be performed on an annual basis at the minimum or as required by local fire code. It involves visual checks of all cables, panels, detectors, sounders and containments, as well as a fire drill that triggers the fire alarm system. The testing may impact your building for a short time; however, inspections can often be scheduled at a time that best meets your business’s needs.

After a fire alarm inspection, All Secured will provide you with a report that details the findings of the fire alarm testing. The information will include installation details, circuit information and results, a list and schedule of items inspected and a list of defects or problems. Our team will ensure that your system is compliant with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 72 fire safety standards.

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your personnel and assets. By calling the professionals at All Secured in Columbus, Ohio, you can be certain your building is prepared in the unfortunate event of a fire. We guarantee 100 percent quality service while delivering the peace of mind you deserve. For more information on our fire alarm testing services, contact All Secured today.

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