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PERS Alarms

PERS Alarms for Columbus, Ohio

As older adults are remaining independent in their homes for longer or living with their grown children who are often gone during the day, senior medical alarms can be a vital tool in ensuring the safety of any senior who is on their own. PERS alarms, short for Personal Emergency Response System, are stand-alone systems used to contact emergency medical services quickly in the event of an accident or emergency. With over 25 years of experience in providing safety solutions to our customers, the professionals at All Secured Security Services have installed a number of senior medical alarms for residents in the Columbus, Ohio area and can set up a system that delivers the peace or mind you are looking for.

Senior medical alarms work as a two-way voice system that can be triggered to alert an immediate response, 24 hours a day. At the touch of a button, the device connects individuals in need with authorities. Once triggered, a trained medical operator at the Monitoring Station can talk and listen in to find out the emergency while dispatching medical personnel and providing them with critical information needed before they reach the scene.

Senior medical alarms are available in different devices depending on the level of assistance required, including:

  • Wall Mounts
  • Table Tops
  • Wearable Devices

Many medical alarm systems can be customized with features such as waterproof emergency wireless transmitters, medication or appointment reminders, inactivity movement sensors and other functions that can all play a role in saving someone’s life.

Senior medical alarms enable seniors the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle with the safeguard of emergency assistance if and when needed. For more information on PERS alarms, contact All Secured’s sales department today. Our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured and can guide you in determining the best system for your needs.

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