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Proximity Reader Systems

Proximity Reader Systems Columbus Ohio

A proximity access control system is similar to a card access reader in that it controls authorized access to a building. However, instead of swiping a card to gain access– the system requires the user to hold their credentials in front of the reader. Credentials for a proximity reader system can be in the form of a card, badge, or a fob, and are customizable with names, photo IDs and other pertinent information.

While ideal for employee management, a proximity access control is also growing in popularity in the fitness and daycare industries. Twenty-four hour gyms utilize proximity readers to allow clients access to the gym at all hours of the day or night without the need for 24-hour staff. It also allows daycares to keep facilities locked while still providing parents with easy access in dropping off and picking up their children. Both industries have not only benefitted from increased security in their business facilities, but the proximity access control reader systems have also enabled them to maintain records on who entered the facility and when.

Incorporating a proximity access control system into your business facility will not only increase the safety of your employees and patrons, but it will also ensure the security of your building. The professionals at All Secured Services in Columbus, Ohio have over 25 years of experience with access control solutions. Our award-winning team promises 100 percent quality service on every project while delivering the peace of mind you deserve. For more information on installing a proximity access control system into your facility, contact the professionals at All Secured today.

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