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Card Reader Systems

Card Reader Systems Columbus Ohio

A card access reader is a security measure that allows businesses to regulate entry into a facility through employee identification cards that grant authorized access. The cards contain important information, including the employee’s name and photo ID, as well as other relevant credentials, and must be swiped in a reader in order to gain access to a building. Instituting a card reader not only secures the facility, but helps protect employees. The professionals at All Secured Security Services have installed a variety of card access reader systems in the Columbus, Ohio area and can help you determine a system that’s right for your business facility.

As a way of retrieving data when the card is swiped, plastic cards can be embedded with features such as:

  • Barcodes
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Computer Chips/ Other Storage Mediums

With an easy-to-use interface that allows the administrator to quickly add, change or delete a card’s access rights, card reader systems can be configured and maintained in-house as a business grows and changes. Using a card access reader also eliminates the cost and risk associated with rekeying locks whenever a key is lost or an employee is terminated. The convenience they bring not only makes for a securer working environment, but also provides a more efficient work space.

Regardless of the size of the facility, a card access reader control system can be customized to fit your needs and provide you with protection for your employees, property and assets. Card access readers can be installed on the main door of a building or on any door throughout the facility. For more information on installing card reader access into your business facility, contact the award-winning team at All Secured Security Services today. We are a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith company and promise you 100 percent quality service while delivering the peace of mind you deserve.

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