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On-Board Vehicle Recording

On-Board Vehicle Recording for Columbus, Ohio Businesses

Car dashboard cameras are a convenient way to retrace your experience on the roads, and they can play an important role in helping you determine the facts if you are involved in an accident or experience a theft. There are countless benefits to having a car dashboard camera installed in your vehicle and the trained professionals at All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio can help you determine the system that will work best for your needs while taking care of the installation details for you.

As a leading security company in the Columbus, Ohio area, we offer a wide selection of car dashboard cameras in a variety of styles and price ranges. Basic models come equipped with video and audio recording, seamless loop recording, picture-taking and G-Sensor functions that measure acceleration. More advanced models additionally include GPS loggers, wide vision angles, automatic starters and replay video data accessible with a remote controller.

Regardless of which system you prefer, car dashboard cameras provide comfort, security and peace of mind. Common situations in which a car dashboard camera is particularly useful include:

  • Car accidents when evidence is necessary
  • Offenses of road rage
  • Providing additional support and instruction to student drivers
  • Measuring commercial driver’s safety habits
  • Monitoring passenger behavior in commercial vehicles
  • And more…

All Secured can provide and install on-board vehicle recording systems (dash mounted cameras, windshield mounted car cameras and other car mounted cameras) for your commercial or private needs. For more information on getting a car dashboard camera installed into your vehicle, contact All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio today.

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