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All Secured originated as Ace Lock and Safe Service founded in 1945 by Ike Kinser. As Ace Lock we serviced mostly commercial buildings, property managers and banking institutions in the state of Ohio.

In 1972, John Komives joined Ace Lock and went on to build a life long career, eventually taking over Ace Lock in 1985 from Ike. It was here that the next generational seed was laid with Kris Zulandt starting as a locksmith apprentice of John’s in 1988. Not having any kids of his own, John took Kris under his wing and became a father figure to him. This is where Kris started learning the beginning of the security trade that would lead him to the electronic security world. Ace Lock would often be used to install the locks and access components by other security firms that could not perform the door and lock work. It was here that Kris realized there needed to be one group that could do the complete installation from IT room to door.

In 1997, Kris founded All Secured with the expectations of taking the security trade into the future by bringing all the trades together. Fire, Locksmith, Access Control, Security, Doors, Cameras and Gates into one group. Keeping with the family tradition of Ace Lock he grew All Secured to what it is today using the basis that all the employees are important and like family. Training is important and a must and there are no short cuts when security is involved.

In 2018, John and Kris decided to merge Ace Lock with All Secured so that John could work towards retirement and Ace Lock’s customers would have someone to carry on their service. John felt that he was passing the torch to Kris and that All Secured would live up to the legacy that Ace Lock had sustained for so many years.

This leads us to where we are today. All Secured is a full service security firm providing top notch reliable service with trained professionals who know how to install and service everything security from small to very large accounts. We have the tools in house to fix and repair everything from the door to the panels. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be utilizing our best resource our employees who make it happen everyday. We hope to continue to grow far into the future and make a solid environment for everyone that works here as well as all of our customers who rely on us to keep them safe. If you are looking for honesty, integrity and top quality work- look no further then All Secured. We are Ohio’s one stop security shop where our motto is ” Securing all of your needs!”

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