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Best Business Security 2016

Business Security 2016The nightmare of all business owners is walking to their storefront one morning and discovering shards of broken glass, stolen equipment, emptied safes, or worse – that their building has burned to the ground. There are myriad defensive solutions to choose from, all created with the sole intent of protecting business owners from disaster. But what are the very best solutions for your company?


Invest in Security Systems

Alarm and surveillance systems often deter burglars from further encroaching on your property after initially breaking and entering. The sound of an alarm signals the criminals that their presence has been made known, and authorities have been alerted.


Surveillance systems not only discourage burglary, but if a crime is committed on your property, the police will be able to investigate security footage for clues – increasing the likelihood of catching the suspect. All Secured can install proper surveillance systems according to your building’s codes and offers a wide variety of different models, brands, and types of security systems to fit your needs.


Upgrade Your Locks

Many business owners in our area have relied on the same door locks for the last few decades. Outdated locks are easy targets for burglars looking for their next hit and can easily be broken or jimmied to allow entry. All Secured offers commercial, residential, and industrial locksmithing services that suit your individual needs and knows every brand of lock on the market.


Get your business’s current security needs assessed and repair or replace any broken, missing, or dated locks. They are your first line of defense.


Check Your Fire Alarms

A fire can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs or the end of a business. Worse, it could mean death and injury to household occupants. Electrical fires within the walls of structures can cause fires that are difficult to detect before it’s too late. Too many home and business owners allow their fire alarm systems to stay in a state of disrepair, risking the integrity of the building and the lives of residents.


Fire alarms come in different shapes and forms to suit the needs of every type of home, business, or commercial property. All Secured has more than 25 years of experience in choosing and installing the proper fire alarms depending on the situation, and we know how to comply with current fire codes.


Ensure Data Security

The threat of having your identity stolen or sensitive information leaked is a growing concern among people and businesses everywhere. The advent of new technologies and constant breakthroughs in IT intelligence has led to increased outbreaks of data security breaches. Data security is of utmost importance to many businesses to protect personal information about patients and customers. Securing peace of mind in the 21st century is not an easy task – but it’s one All Secured can accomplish for you.


We give your home or company the attention it deserves while dealing with important files, businesses data, personal facts, and sensitive information. Our data security experts can install a vast variety of computer programs that allow you to breathe easy.

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