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Upgrading to Secure Doors in Your Home

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Your home’s door is your first defense against an intrusion. Towns like Mayberry no longer exist, and whether you live in a metropolitan area or out in the country, your doors should be able to stand up to the elements and security threats of any kind. If it’s been several years since you replaced the doors on your home, you notice some sealing problems, or you need some extra peace of mind, it’s time to look at All Secured’s Residential door repair and replacement services.


Types of Doors


– Slab. Slab doors are single door options that have no decorative siding. For security purposes, a slab door is a good choice because they provide no alternative points of entry for intruders to access.


– Prehung doors. A few models of prehung doors might be suitable for your security needs. Specially designed security glass and other sidings are decorative and equally as secure as your door.


– Weather door. Sometimes the best security option for your home is a slab door and a weather door combination. Providing two access points can improve the odds that a burglar will skip your home due to the difficulty of getting through two  doors.


– Garage doors. Durable garage doors can protect against a home invasion as well as vehicle accidents and weather damage. Reinforced garage doors might be a little heavier than their lightweight counterparts, but are far superior in terms  of security.


– French doors. Perfect for access onto your patio or deck, secure French doors may feature reinforced glass or other materials to allow light into your home while providing superior protection.


Door Materials


– Steel. A steel door comes with many different options, including thickness. They are virtually indestructible in terms of break-ins, and you can choose from a variety of lock options to use in conjunction with the sturdy door material. Steel    doors are fireproof and will last for the lifetime of the home when properly cared for. They come in many colors, so a steel door doesn’t have to look industrial or plan.


– Steel bars over glass. Protection doors that give your interiors light while providing protection, these models are tasteful while providing your entryways with the security you need against intruders.


– Aluminum doors. Aluminum is sturdy, like steel, but more lightweight – and it won’t rust. Available in a number of different patterns and styles, you can fit just about any home design tastefully with an aluminum security door.




– Keyless. Keyless entryways are a high tech way to secure your property while you’re at home and remotely.


– Keyed on both sides. Requiring the use of a key to gain access coming and going, a lock with both sides keyed will ensure your doors remain securely closed.


– Multiple locking mechanisms. Some lock styles feature a push handle that must be moved in different directions as you are turning the key in the lock. Often used on glass weather doors, these locks feature multiple locking points on the  doors side for ultimate protection.


For more information about choosing the perfect door and lock combination for your home, contact All Secured Security Services today at 1-800-992-7463. 

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