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The Right Place to Hide a Spare Key

Imagine this: you've arrived home after a long day at work and discover that you don't have your house key. That's okay! You have a spare hidden under the welcome mat… but when you lift it, the key is not there. Enter panic mode. If you're still hiding a spare key under your welcome mat, read on to find out the best – and absolute worst – places to stash an extra key. 
Don't Hide Your Key Somewhere Obvious
The key to your home is like the key to your life. In the wrong hands, it can mean thousands of dollars in stolen items, damage, and even identity theft. These are some of the first places a burglar will check for spare keys:
Under a mat or potted plant. This "trick" is as old as time and is the first place a burglar looks. In fact, it's so old it's not even a trick anymore. Don't do it.
In a fake rock. Fake rocks may seem like a good idea, but they are obvious to a burglar on the lookout. It's easy to tell a plastic rock from a real one. 
Above the doorframe or windowsill. It takes about 5 seconds for a burglar to run his fingers along a sill to check for keys, and he or she will.
Inside or underneath a mailbox. This is another red flag area that burglars check, and they are more likely to grab your mail while checking for a key here.
Get Creative and Find a Clever Hiding Spot
Don't worry, it is still safe to hide a key outside your home. You just have to be a bit of a creative thinker when it comes to hiding spots. Here are a few ideas to get your key-hiding gears turning:
In a pill bottle. Pill bottles are great for waterproofing your key, and they're just the right size. You can glue a real rock to the bottom of the pill bottle, drop the key in, and bury the bottle underground. It's similar to the fake rock but is much less obvious.
In a wind chime. Hanging a key inside a wind chime won't make any additional noise on its own. As a bonus, if burglars even think to look there, they're going to have to make a lot of noise looking for the key.
In multiple places. Hiding several fake keys around your home, in addition to the real one, will frustrate the burglar. He or she won't dedicate time to finding the real one. Just make sure you remember where it is!
Magnetized to conspicuous location. Affix a magnet to the key and hide it somewhere unusual. Inside a grill, birdhouse, porch, or under something in an outbuilding. The possibilities are endless.
Remember to keep your hiding spot original and at a distance from your home. Just don’t use a spot where your neighbors can watch you hide it. Although we offer some tips in helping you think of different hiding places for your keys, it's always smart to install a burglar alarm to be that much more secure in your home. If you are in need of a security service in Columbus, consult with a professional at All Secured today! 

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