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Staying Safe on New Year’s Eve

How to Stay Safe on New Years Eve

For many people, New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun nights of the year, filled with late-night parties, champagne, and New Year’s resolutions. However, any holiday celebration also carries certain risks. From drunk drivers to unsafe fireworks displays, New Year’s Eve is filled with safety hazards that can put a damper on your evening. With the following tips, you will be able to stay safe on New Year’s Eve and enjoy the start to 2014.
1. Designate a Driver
Are you planning on drinking this New Year’s Eve? If so, designate a driver. Drinking and driving causes many accidents on New Year’s Eve, and you do not want to be in one of them. It is important that anyone driving a car on New Year’s Eve (or at any time) be completely sober and capable of getting you home safe and sound.
2. Limit Drinks
While a few drinks in moderation can make for a great evening, don’t go overboard. Drinking too much can not only lead to alcohol poisoning, but it can also impair your judgment and cause you to make poor decisions. In addition to limiting your drinks, try to alternate alcohol with water and eat plenty of food before you start drinking.
3. Don’t Leave Drinks Unattended
Unfortunately, predators are a major safety concern for women at New Year’s Eve parties. It only takes moments for someone to slip a drug into your drink, which means that you should absolutely never leave your drink unattended.
4. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings
Especially if you are at a large party where you don’t know the majority of the guests, it is important to always pay attention to your surroundings. Drinking can cause many people to act irrationally and even violently, and being aware of what’s happening around you will help keep you away from such situations.
5. Stick with Friends
The best way to stay safe in any public situation is to stick with your friends. Don’t go to any New Year’s Eve parties alone, and make sure those in your group keep an eye on one another throughout the night.
6. Bring the Essentials
If you are going out for your New Year’s Eve festivities, you can protect yourself and your belongings by bringing just the essentials – your phone, money, ID, and subway or bus pass. Taking too many items leaves you vulnerable to theft, and you could also lose something valuable.
7. Keep Your Phone Charged
Before you head out for the night, make sure your phone is fully charged. If you are in an emergency situation, you may need your phone to contact the police, call a cab, or locate your friends. If you will be traveling by car, have a car charger for your cell phone in case of emergency.
8. Use Fireworks with Caution
If you are planning on using fireworks on New Year’s Eve, proceed with caution. Do not use fireworks where they are illegal, have a fire extinguisher on hand, follow the proper safety precautions, and keep children and pets away from them.
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