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Stay Secure: Business Security Systems 101

All Secured

The American economy is slowly coming back from more than five years in a slump, but recovery will take time and patience. In the meantime, more people than ever are starting small businesses or taking on new responsibilities to keep their businesses growing. One of the first things any business owner should consider is his or her security system. Burglars are infinitely more likely to break into places that don’t have security measures, meaning your hard work is lost, sometimes irrevocably. At All Secured, we support business owners and want to see as many new enterprises succeed as possible. To that end, we’re highlighting some of our best security products today.


Restaurant Drop and Fireproof Safes


Everyone needs to eat, and food makes fellowship even more fun. No wonder then that restaurants are some of the most popular businesses around – and one of the businesses most likely to need high security. A security breach could result in lost funds or food tampering that could make your restaurant dangerous for customers. All Secured recommends trying our depository drop safes for your cash and sensitive documents like the restaurant deed or secret recipes. We offer front or rear load drops, rotary hopper models, and through-the-wall drops. You can also choose to use traditional keys, biometric fingerprint scans, or electronic locks.


Since restaurants are susceptible to fires and kitchen mishaps, our drop safes are also fireproof. They’re built to withstand 1500 degrees of heat anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. Our safes are also waterproof; ask an expert about water protection.


Commercial Intrusion Alarms


A home invasion is scary, but in some ways a business invasion can be even more frightening. A business owner is responsible for himself, his or her customers, and any staff on the premises, raising the stakes of a break-in. Consider investing in a commercial intrusion alarm. Our alarms come in several styles for various business needs. These include traditional alarms, silent varieties, computerized alarms, and laser perimeter protection. We can also connect your alarm directly to your smartphone or tablet so you can monitor your business at all times.


Daycare Fire Alarm Systems


Perhaps one of the hardest and most rewarding businesses out there is the daycare business. Whether in your home or a commercial building, running a daycare is a noble pursuit but a huge responsibility. Many daycare providers work with children of various ages and needs, including infants, newborns, and children with various physical or cognitive delays or handicaps. When a fire breaks out at a preschool facility, panic ensues, making it tougher to ascertain if everyone is safe. Let All Secured Services set up the perfect daycare fire alarm system. We have several options, including alarms with both visual and auditory cues, multiple sensors, and up-to-date egress controls that ensure quick exits while keeping the building locked from the outside once the fire is controlled. All our daycare fire alarm systems exceed Ohio fire codes, and you can call us at any time to inspect or repair the system. We can also upgrade an existing system with efficiency and at reasonable prices.

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