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Security Trends to Watch for in 2014

security According to the FBI, 1.4 million home burglaries occur each year. A new Columbus security system can offer piece of mind against these sobering statistics. 2014 is a perfect time to install a system since this year will be full of new technological advancements in home security. Here are the top 5 new security trends of 2014 brought to you by All Secured:  


  • Kick proof door frames. The main mode of home entry for thieves is a quick and easy kick to a door. Door locks and deadbolts are notoriously weak and easily broken when confronted with enough force. There are easy-to-install fortification kits that can be added to your doors in about a half-hour.


  • Security system innovations. Long gone are the days of turning on your alarm system, leaving the house, and hoping for the best. Now you can be in complete control of your home security from anywhere. All you need is your phone. Forgot to lock the door?  No problem; the phone will do it for you. Grandma arrived early, but the alarm is on and she has no key? You can turn off the alarm and open the door, so she can wait comfortably.


  • Home owners association goes high tech. Neighborhood watch programs are now online. Websites and Facebook pages are popping up all over the country alerting community members to important information and potential dangers within a matter of seconds.


  • Addition of wireless. Talented thieves known for cautiously evading invisible alarm triggers will soon be out of a job. New wireless systems create a continuous stream of security throughout the home, detecting even the smallest motion. These new wireless systems are also easy to install and are less invasive. Additionally, since signal transmission is wireless, thieves can no longer cut security system wires located outside the home to disable an alarm.


  • Appliance control. Thieves are experts at looking for signs of an unoccupied house. Maybe the house is always dark or one light never seems to go out. Perhaps the television is on all the time or is never turned off. These all signal that the homeowner is away. But, with the advancement in security systems, home owners can control appliances easily while away. You can turn your television on and off at different times of the day, turn lights on for a few hours at a time, and even check if any appliances were left running. This also allows for more energy savings as well. Instead of leaving the air or heat on automatic while you are away, simply turn it on a few hours before you are scheduled to arrive home, and your house will greet you at the optimal temperature.


In today’s world, there is no such thing as a space that is too secure. If you are interested in adding a security system to your home, contact All Secured, a professional security system company. We can put security’s technological advancements of 2014 to work to ensure you and your family stay safe.

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