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Safety Apps for College Students

Best Safety Apps for College StudentsCollege students are eager to be fully independent adults. While most parents want their children to succeed in the adult world, they also want them to be safe. And safety begins on your child’s college campus. Although administrators and security do their best to keep campuses safe, they cannot be everywhere at once. Current statistics show that 1 out of 4 college women are sexually assaulted during their time on campus, and one out of every 22 college students will experience a crime sometime in their university tenure.


These are sobering statistics, but you and your child can breathe easier knowing that there are resources available to promote campus safety. We’ve put together a list of the most popular student safety applications that can be used on cell phones and other mobile devices.


Popular Student Safety Apps


Circle of 6

There is safety in numbers, and this app capitalizes on it. Circle of 6 allows students to create a “circle” of 6 contacts of their choice. If the student is ever in a dangerous situation, he or she can instantly send a message to the circle of six. It contains a GPS location, which allows other students in the circle to quickly reach him or her. If a student is traveling with members of his or her circle and gets separated, the app’s GPS system lets him or her know where to find them.



This app acts as a two-way communication system between the student and local authorities. This includes police, firefighters, and medics. Guardity lets the student set up contacts for different types of emergencies. For example, if a student has severe allergies, one of their contacts could be a nearby medical facilities or EMS workers. Each emergency situation has a specific contact available.



One of the best ways to prove a crime was committed is through video evidence. BSafe is a mobile-based alarm used on a cell phone. When a student downloads BSafe, a red button appears on his or her phone screen. If he or she is in an emergency situation, all the student has to do is press the red button. A siren will go off, a video recording will begin, and appropriate contacts will be alerted to the student’s location through GPS. The student can set up BSafe with several contacts including 911.



PanicGuard is similar to BSafe and Circle of 6. With PanicGuard, a student can set up emergency contacts that include the police and nearby security guards, as well as friends or other trusted individuals. In an attack, the app immediately alerts these contacts and tracks the student’s location. If the student leaves the scene, PanicGuard continues tracking him or her. A simple tap or shake of the phone will activate PanicGuard, and attackers will be secretly and silently recorded.


On Watch

This award-winning application is available for iPhone 6 and Android as well as other mobile devices. On Watch was designed specifically for college students and contains 6 customizable options for contacts and a “watch my back” service.


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