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Profile of Fort Knox’s Perimeter Protection

Security at Fort Knox
Commonly known as Fort Knox, the U.S. Bullion Depository is the most secure vault across the globe. Why is Fort Knox so secure? The vault contains 147.3 million ounces of gold, or about $270 billion. With this kind of money housed in it, Fort Knox is equipped with an extensive security system. Read on for a complete profile of the protection surrounding Fort Knox.
Door & Windows
One of the most well-known aspects of Fort Knox is the front door, which weighs almost 22 tons and is completely blast-proof. No one can ever enter the vault alone, and the combinations to open the door are individualized for each staff member and change on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Depository staff works on a time schedule that is completely random. The windows of Fort Knox are blackened, sealed inside and out, and made with glass that is bullet and fire-proof.
Walls & Foundation
With 4-foot thick walls of granite, Fort Knox has the globe’s hardest shell. Supposedly, the Depository would survive an atomic bomb. Many believe these walls also contain a lining of steel, fire-proof material, and cement. The foundation is also incredibly solid. It is made using many layers of cement covered by solid granite that is 10 feet deep.
Surveillance, Sentinels, & Military
Fort Knox also has a complete surveillance system. Each and every square inch of the Depository is monitored at all times. The vault is not only protected by surveillance, but also by sentinels and the military. The ground level of Fort Knox contains four sentinel stations. These are staffed by security personnel who are armed. The upper levels of the building also have sentinel stations. Furthermore, Fort Knox is protected by the United States Mint Police, special guards who protect all U.S. Mint facilities as well as the treasury. The Depository is also located within sight of the actual Fort Knox, which is a massive U.S. Army post.
The Safe
The actual vaults in the Depository are also famous for their security. Made by Mosler Safe Co., these vaults were produced using both concrete and steel. They are 27 inches thick and cannot be penetrated by an atomic bomb.
In addition to its inner protections, Fort Knox has a series of barriers that essentially make the Depository impenetrable. Around the perimeter is barrier one, a wire fence with motion detectors. Next comes an area of open space, which enables the space to have better surveillance. After this comes barrier two, an electrical fence that is 10 feet tall and has a concrete support system. Barrier three is another electric fence that is patrolled by guards and has multiple doorways that are further secured. Last is the original fence, which is octagonal and made of wrought iron.
Natural Protection
Last but not least, Fort Knox is fortified by natural protection. Located in the northern part of Kentucky, this space has the Appalachian Mountains to the east. It is also very far inland, which means it cannot be attacked from the sea.

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