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PERS Alarms Are a Vital Tool for Elderly or Dependent Adults

What Are PERS Alarms?


All SecuredPERS is an acronym for a Personal Emergency Response System. These devices are stand-alone emergency systems. A PERS alarm will contact emergency medical services for the person in need in the event of a medical crisis, accidental fall, or another unexpected emergency. Quickly and efficiently, these units can help ensure medical attention and care are only a button press away.


There are three different types of PERS alarms, and each varies depending on the user’s level of need. These include wall mounts, which are best for able-bodied and mobile individuals; table-top devices made to be nearby to individuals in need, and for the least physically abled, wearable devices that provide the closest and easiest access.


Regardless of which device you choose, a personal alarm system will allay the worries and fears of loved ones by ensuring a quick response from a professional in case a dangerous situation arises. These alarms also ease the worries of a scared person in need because the trained operator can calm the sufferer while gathering the information a medical team will need before it arrives.


How Do PERS Alarms Work?


These medical alarms work by using a two-way voice system. It may be difficult to think clearly in the aftermath of a health crisis or injury from a fall. Because of this, these systems work to make sure the trigger is effortless. By simply pressing a button, the PERS alarm will connect the individual in need with the proper authorities. Once the alarm has been triggered, a trained medical operator at a monitoring station will talk with the endangered person while dispatching a medical team.


Many of the medical alarm systems we offer can be customized to suit your home or wherever your loved ones are. These often include:

  • Waterproof emergency wireless transmitters
  • Medication or appointment reminders
  • Inactivity movement sensors


These are only a few of the additional functions that can help your loved one in an emergency.


Who Could Benefit From a PERS Alarm?


There are many situations a PERS alarm could make easier. More families and care-givers are opting for home care rather than long-term hospitalization. Though this might be comforting for suffering individuals, those who care for them want to ensure there's immediate access to medical care.


Senior citizens, whether living with grown children or on their own, are used to independence and are often reluctant to forgo their self-sufficiency. A PERS alarm would ease the concerns of their loved ones by arming them with a fast method of reaching medical care during a medical emergency or an accidental fall.


For more information on having PERS alarms installed in your home or the home of a loved one, contact All Secured today. We've installed many emergency medical alarms for customers in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us to provide safety solutions for your home and extended family.

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