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Ohio Crime Rates During the Holiday Season

Ohio Crime Rates During the Holidays


The holidays are often a time of increased crime of many sorts across the state of Ohio. Houses filled with presents increasingly tempt burglars, while family gatherings trigger domestic disputes at higher than usual levels. In response to these increased crime rates, Ohio police departments are employing new tactics and offering tips on how to keep your home and family safe during the holiday season.


Avoiding Burglary – During the holiday season, people are often inclined to leave their front curtains open, giving the neighborhood a full view of adorned Christmas trees and the presents beneath them. Those presents can be all the temptation a would-be burglar needs to target your house as a victim. When going out, it is best to make sure your windows are closed and locked with the curtains drawn. Rather than keeping presents under the tree until they are opened, stash presents all around the house: under beds, in closets and cabinets, and behind furniture. Making the goods hard to find is a prime burglar deterrent.


Preventing Domestic Disputes – Zanesville, Ohio police have observed an increase in domestic disputes starting right around Thanksgiving and peaking on days of celebration. Often family gatherings involve bringing family members in conflict together, or someone having a bit too much to drink and getting aggressive. When the weather forces everyone indoors, tempers can flare and the police are called. To keep domestic disputes from occurring, be mindful of who is invited to family holidays. If two relatives are sure to blow up, consider holding separate events with different groups of family members to keep the tension at a minimum and prevent the police from getting involved.


Car Burglary – Thefts from cars are another type of crime that peaks in Ohio during the holiday season, especially in places like mall parking lots. Police officers in Toledo have been employing a kind of camera known as a SkyCop to prevent such break-ins. The SkyCop is a portable camera placed in high crime risk areas that is monitored constantly, allowing police to be dispatched immediately if any suspicious activity is observed. Last year, the use of the SkyCop at one Toledo mall reduced car break-ins from an average of five a day to none after the installation of the cameras. When parking your car, make sure windows are rolled up, doors are locked, and all valuables are placed out of sight to make your vehicle a less likely target.


Watch Out for Pickpockets – Canton, Ohio police have observed that thieves and pickpockets are at their most active during the holidays. Crowded sidewalks provide cover, allowing a quick grab for a wallet to be disguised as an unintentional jostle. The holidays are a prime time for these types of thieves because people are more likely to be carrying large sums of cash or credit cards while out doing their holiday shopping. To prevent a passing thief from grabbing all your funds, avoid carrying a purse and carry cash and credit cards in your front pockets. Don’t keep everything in one wallet, either. The less a thief can get their hands on with one grab, the less stressful the situation will be for you. Contact All Secured today for more information on how to keep your home safe, all year round!


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