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Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure During the Holidays

The holidays are a critical time for small businesses. While there is a lot to celebrate during this season – like holiday office parties and higher foot traffic with shoppers – there’s also the added risk of product loss and higher potential for theft. During the holiday season, safety and security concerns are more pressing due to the sheer number of people coming in and out of your home or workplace. The key to minimizing theft is preparedness.

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Don’t let the fun and busyness of the holidays distract you from keeping what’s important safe. Here are some tips to help you keep your business secure and ready for whatever the season will throw at you.


  • Shoplifting – Theft and the holidays just seem to go together. It can be difficult to keep an eye on the increased number of customers. Make sure that your employees greet and make eye contact with everyone as they enter. Investing in high-end surveillance equipment could actually save you money by helping with loss prevention. Have a clear policy for what to do when you or an employee catch a shoplifter.
  • Robberies – Keeping a well-lit environment and proper show of security, especially when closed, are the first steps to preventing a robbery. Invest in an updated security system for the most protection. Criminals are less likely to attempt a break-in when a store is under surveillance. They are also much more likely to be caught if they are foolish enough to attempt it.
  • Slips and spills – With so much going on during this busy season, clutter can be a dangerous problem. Be sure to clear the walkways and secure all decorations properly. Be diligent about keeping the outside just as clear as the inside. Slip and fall incidents can, at best, be a distraction during moments of heavy foot traffic. At worst, they can cause damage and lawsuits.
  • Online data theft – Large retailers’ data being breached is a topic that makes headlines regularly. Small businesses are also prime targets for hackers. Most small businesses don’t think they’re an interest to online crime, so criminals will take advantage of that. Keep your customers’ information safe and secure, especially if you offer online shopping. Change passwords often and don’t let employees download unapproved software. Be diligent when it comes to online activity.
  • Fire – Fire is the most common reason for loss during the holidays. Look for frayed wires, excessive wear, and cracked sockets before plugging in seasonal lighting and never link more than three strands of lights together. Of course, even with your best efforts, a fire can be impossible to predict. Make sure your valuables and valuable information is stored in a fireproof safe or a fireproof filing cabinet to prevent the loss of things that are irreplaceable.


Taking a few simple precautions can be the difference between a miserable holiday season and a holly jolly holiday time of year. Keeping your business safe is just as important as keeping track of your profits. Be prepared for the risks this season. For more information on security systems, All Secured is here to help. An expert can assist you in finding the right system for your business.

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