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Is a Wireless Security System More Effective Than a Hard-Wired One?

Modern security systems perform a variety of different functions, so the only right answer to whether a wireless security system is more effective than a hard-wired one is “it depends.” While that isn’t the most cut-and-dry response, there are a few simple ways you can determine whether a wireless security system would be better for your needs than a hard-wired one. 
Hard-wired systems may not be as reliable as you think. Even with the most cutting-edge technology, fully hard-wired systems tend to fail when the power goes out. Wireless systems may use mobile service, phone lines, and internet and transition seamlessly between connectivity methods to notify users when one channel isn’t working. 
Wireless systems offer flexibility. They can be installed almost anywhere. Mobile access makes them perfect for checking in on your home or office remotely and may be more accessible if anyone in the space uses a wheelchair or has certain needs. You can also uninstall and reinstall a wireless system if you move. Hard-wired systems are typically difficult to uninstall and usually are left with a home when someone moves. 
Hard-wired systems tend to be slightly less expensive. Such systems have been on the market longer and tend to be more affordable, closed-system setups. Wireless system hardware tends to cost more. The cost for a hard-wired system may be even less if your property is pre-wired. 
Wireless systems are easy to install. Without wires, these system setups tend to be fairly simple and fast, but they require more maintenance, since you'll need to change the batteries in the system as needed. 
Hard-wired systems may be more difficult to hack. Depending on the level of security provided in a wireless system, it may be slightly less secure than a wired system. Most wireless systems on the market use similar technology, and if the data between the signals isn’t encrypted, hackers can access it and decipher the commands needed to gain access. While hackers don’t often target homeowners, businesses may appreciate the added security of a hard-wired system. 
Combination systems may offer the best of both worlds. Some systems use both technologies to provide the greatest extent of coverage. In places where it makes sense, hard-wired sensors can be installed, but wireless sensors can take over in other areas. With a combination of mobile or in-person arming/disarming functionality, the seamless connectivity erases most of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one system over another. 
Individual preferences may also play a role in what system makes the most sense. If you rent your home or are planning on moving in the near future, a purely wireless system may be the best. For commercial enterprise, the ability to integrate with other security features may make one option stand out more than another. 
Security systems come in all shapes and sizes, so talking to a professional security consultant like All Secured Security Services, LLC may be the best way to determine which systems meet all of your needs while staying within your budget. 

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