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How Well is Your Home Protected in Case of a Ninja Attack?

It is well known that ninjas are the ultimate burglar. They have the skills, training and audacity to break into your home with little to no effort. However, you don’t have to leave your castle defenseless against the invaders. There are steps that you can take to ensure the safety of your valuables. First, we’ll show you how a home with no security services fares against a ninja attack. Then, we’ll explain how you can utilize a security system to keep out unwanted intruders.

Regular Home

A regular, unprotected home will be easy prey for an experienced ninja. Their burglary skills, acquired from years of training, will make short work of your inadequate defenses.

They can easily pick your door lock or jimmy a window to gain easy access to your bag of gold. With no security measures in place, they are free to escape into the dark of night.

Security-Enabled Home

A home that is protected by a comprehensive security system is sure to thwart a ninja’s attempt at your gold.

1. A secured home will feature superior locks and dead bolts to prevent easy intrusion via your doorways. A high security lock is especially tough for a ninja to crack.

2. If the ninja is a true veteran, he will have found some way around your door (probably kicking the door in, smashing a window or sliding down the chimney chute like Santa).

3. As he enters your home, gold on his mind, your residential burglar alarm system will be triggered by the unwarranted entry. (This alarm — the hardwired or wireless model — is also capable of monitoring temperature changes and water levels). A dispatcher from the security company will send the proper authorities to your home.

4. As the police come and arrest this intruder, he will seriously regret his choice of homes to burglarize. This is a good time to remind him that he wouldn’t have gotten to your valuables anyway, as they were securely locked away in a wall-mounted safe. No gold for you today Mr. Ninja. Enjoy your time in jail.

Well there you have it! Definitive proof that a home with a security system will defend against ninjas much better than one that doesn’t.

For over 21 years, All Secured Security Services has been ninja-proofing homes in Columbus, OH. 



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