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How to Get Your Car Stolen

Hi-jacking_hot_spot For most people, cars are an indispensable part of everyday life. They get you from A to B, whether your destination is work, school, errands, or other responsibilities. In many cases, cars also represent a large portion of the monthly budget, when you factor in car and insurance payments, gas, and maintenance costs. Depending on your choice of vehicle, your car may also comprise an important part of your self-image.   So, how would you feel if your car was stolen? Of course, that was a rhetorical question. Whether you drive a jalopy or a Jaguar, having your primary mode of transportation taken from you is an inconvenient (and often expensive) misfortune. Although you can’t always predict or prevent car theft, knowing how car thieves think can help you protect yourself from becoming their victim. A Glimpse into the Mind of a Car Thief   Car thieves are opportunists. They look for cars that are left unprotected in areas from which the thief can make a quick getaway. At the right time of day (or night), this can include the area directly in front of your home. Whether they want to take the entire vehicle or strip it for parts, their goal is to get it done quickly and without detection. There are many ways that car owners can make it easier for a thief to break into or steal their vehicles. For instance, you could:  

  • Leave your keys inside the car or in the ignition. All the thief has to do is hop in and drive away.


  • Walk away from the car while it’s still running – for instance, to make a quick trip into a convenience store. Unfortunately, your trip could end up being anything but convenient.


  • Leave valuables where they are easily visible from outside the car.


  • Park in an abandoned or unfrequented area.


  • Leave your house unlocked. Thieves often break into homes solely to steal car keys. Homeowners who leave their doors unlocked and their keys out in the open are more susceptible.


  • Don’t install an antitheft security system or device.

  Car theft can happen to anyone, but engaging in any of these high-risk activities makes it more likely that you will become a target.   How Antitheft Systems Work   There are many types of antitheft systems and devices that can protect your vehicle from those with less than honorable intentions. Types of devices include:  

  • Visible and audible. The last thing a potential thief wants is to draw attention to themselves with a honking horn, alarm, or flashing lights. Decals and window etching signal that your car is equipped with one of these, so thieves won’t even want to try.


  • Immobilizing. These tools prevent your car from starting should a thief try to hot-wire the vehicle.


  • Vehicle recovery systems. When the vehicle goes missing, it activates a tracking device that locates the car – and could catch the thief red-handed.

  Your car is an important investment; are you doing everything in your power to prevent car thieves from targeting you? For more information about vehicle security systems in Columbus, OH, contact All Secured today.

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