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How Can You Trust a Locksmith Service?

Most locksmith services are legitimate businesses, but it’s always wise to double check. Verify a company’s credentials before hiring anyone. Do your homework to make sure you’re working with a legitimate locksmith. Start out with this list of questions: 
Is the company licensed, bonded and insured? Professional companies need to be licensed to work legitimately in certain areas. Some locations also require bonding and insurance. Service companies that don’t offer this information for you to verify may not be working legally. 
Does the Better Business Bureau list them? The BBB is another way you can confirm a company is compliant with all the applicable regulations required to operate as a business. You can go online to see if anyone has filed a complaint about the service. You can also look up businesses through the Attorney General’s office and the local consumer protection agency. 
Is the company local? When you need a locksmith, you may be on the side of the road or standing on your front porch with a bag full of groceries. If you have the number for a locksmith across town or in another city, it may be a while before you get the service you need. Double check phone book listings, too. Companies that aren’t aboveboard may appear in local listings but actually be from another town. 
Do you have local friends or relatives who can recommend the service? Since there are many locksmith scams, it may be best to ask friends and neighbors if they’ve heard of or had a positive experience with a company. Add those numbers to your phone.
Is the company willing to give you an upfront cost? Detail your needs to a company and ask for an estimate before a professional comes out to the site. Ask about the labor and replacement costs. A legitimate service will give you estimates over the phone for the total costs involved. 
Is the technician in a well-marked service vehicle, and will he or she provide information? A legitimate company will typically use a service vehicle for routine work. Ask the company what the technician will be driving beforehand. Ask the technician to provide identification and a locksmith license, if possible. Use the business card to confirm what you know about the company and confirm the invoice when you receive it. 
Does the technician recommend drilling and replacing a lock first? Professional locksmiths can open almost every lock without drilling and replacing it. If a technician does not have the tools or skillset, find another locksmith for a second opinion. 
What kind of availability does the company have? Along with the benefits of working with a local company, knowing a locksmith is standing by whenever you need is vital. No one plans to be locked out, so whether it's 2 p.m. on a Saturday or 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve, look for someone prepared for these events. Even if you just want a simple lock change, establishing a professional relationship before an emergency can be invaluable.
Try to evaluate local locksmith services before an emergency strikes. Keep the numbers in your phone, and use a company you know you can count on to provide professional, reasonably priced regular and emergency services.
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