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Gun Safe Checklist

Gun Safe Checklist
Surveys have shown that as of 2010, about 40-45% of households in the United States own a gun. The only way to really keep your guns safe in your home is with a gun safe. Gun safes not only keep children away from dangerous firearms, but they also prevent burglars from stealing your guns. Furthermore, gun safes can protect against fire damage. With this gun safe checklist from All Secured, you can learn about why you should purchase a gun safe and how to choose the right one.
Are Gun Safes Really Safer?
There are many reasons why you should absolutely get a gun safe. First, if you have a family, the gun safe will keep your children from accessing the guns. Second, gun safes protect your guns against burglars. Did you know that about 189,000 firearms are stolen in the U.S. each year? Generally, a break-in will last under 10 minutes. By investing in a gun safe, it’s more likely that your guns will remain out of a burglar’s reach for a longer time span, which keeps them safe while the police travel to the scene.
Finally, if you purchase a gun safe that is fire resistant, your guns will be protected in case of a fire in your home. This is particularly beneficial if you collect expensive firearms, and it will keep your monetary investment safe. While many consider simply purchasing a lock-box or safe to keep their guns in, a gun safe is much more secure because of all the additional safety options.
How Should I Choose a Gun Safe?
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a gun safe. First, you should choose a safe with good metal and door thickness. Experts recommend a safe that is 8 gauge or thicker with a door that is 5/16 inch or thicker. Another consideration is the bolt locking system; you will want a safe with as many bolts that are as long and as thick as possible. A good gun safe will also enable you to bolt it to the floor both to ensure that it does not tip over and to keep burglars from stealing the entire safe.
In addition, another factor in choosing a gun safe is the style of locking system. You can choose a mechanical lock, which consists of a dial combination, or an electric keypad. Another option is a bio-metric lock that uses fingerprinting for security. Furthermore, the lock mechanism can come in the form of gear drive over center, direct-drive cam, or over-center cam. For added protection, you may want a gun safe that has anti-pry tabs, a hard-plate between the door and lock to prevent theft by drilling, or a re-locker that will detect tampering.
A major consideration when purchasing a gun safe is its level of fire resistance. You should find a gun safe with a fire rating of at least 1200° F for 100 minutes, which will keep your guns safe from the heat until the fire is extinguished. In addition, fire liner protection and heat-expanding door seals are great options that will further prevent heat and smoke from getting into the safe and causing damage.

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