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Door Package Deliveries: Keep Your Packages Safe from Theft


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Online shopping is quickly becoming the standard; unfortunately, the opportunity for theft this presents is also leading to a new trend. Although shoplifting is still an issue, package theft is becoming a more common problem for online shoppers.


The New Shoplifters


Between delivery time and when the recipient returns home, the new brand of shoplifter is sneaking up to the door, stealing the contents, and escaping without any repercussions. Studies reveal consumers spent almost $43 billion online during the height of the 2013 holiday seasons between Black Friday and December 22. While this is clearly not representative of the rest of the year, studies are estimating online consumers will spend nearly $327 billion during this period by 2016.


With this increasing package traffic, shoppers should be aware of the risk of scheduling doorstep deliveries while they aren’t home. Companies like Amazon are quick to assist consumers who suffer from doorstep theft, but not all corporations treat customers as kindly.


Avoiding Doorstep Theft


Smart shoppers can start employing a number of security tactics to avoid this type of financial loss in the future.


  • Require a signature. Be picky about how your package is delivered. Although it might mean receiving your package a few days later, requiring a signature eliminates the problem of packages being left on the doorstep unattended for an extended period of time.


  • Be home if possible. Confirmation emails almost always feature a link for tracking your package through its journey. Use this tool to plan your schedule. When possible, be home when the package arrives to immediately bring it inside.


  • Ship to a different location. Consider sending packages to the office or a friend or parent’s house. Find a location where the package can be received immediately, and ship purchases there instead of to your empty apartment.


  • Get to know the person on your route. Developing a relationship can help protect your purchases. When experiencing issues or theft, let the carrier know so they can report the incident.


  • Leave alternative instructions. For neighborhoods, leave a note asking for the package to be left with a neighbor. For apartment residents, the office often accepts packages for people. Place on a note on the door with your request, and pick up your package at the end of the day.


When a Package Gets Stolen


In the event a package is stolen from the doorstep, contact your local precinct and report the incident. It’s also important to contact your credit card company. Occasionally, they will provide a reimbursement for stolen purchases. Also, try contacting the business to see if they will send you a new product, and research and prepare for how to avoid the situation in the future.


For added protection, consider having a surveillance system installed to monitor any activity outside your home. All Secured provides high-quality technology like IP-based cameras, covert cameras, analog cameras, and more to properly protect your home and doorstep packages.


Interested in adding a surveillance camera to your home? Contact All Secured Security Services for surveillance camera installation today!


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