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Business Security Tips

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If you're looking into security for your new business or are concerned about the safety of your current business, you're making a smart decision. A security breech can happen in any industry. But for small business owners, even one breech in security can be a death sentence for their establishment. Consider these tips every business owner should follow to keep their company, their employees, and themselves safe.


  • Establish a code of conduct. Your employees should not be a security risk. When you take on a new employee, have him or her sign a code of conduct. Particularly if your business involves sensitive information, have all of your employees sign a nondisclosure agreement. If your employees break the code of conduct or NDA and it damages your business, you have legal recourse.


  • Shred regularly. Every business has documents that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Schedule a weekly or monthly shredding of such information. This prevents both your business and your customers from being taken advantage of.


  • Have access levels. Establish levels of access, especially on the computer, to protect your business' sensitive information. Not all of your employees should have access to your business' tax information, for example. Even if you think your employees are trustworthy, it’s best to take precautions. Simple password protection is a big step in the right direction.


  • Prioritize lighting. Your business should be lit properly outside and inside, even if there is nobody around. By keeping lights on after business hours, you deter break-ins at times when your business is most vulnerable. It also protects your employees' safety during business hours.

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