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Benefits of a Home Security System


Our homes are more than just where we live. They contain our families and some of our most valuable possessions, such as heirloom jewelry and family photos. Houses encapsulate our past, present, and future. Homes are also the biggest investment many people will make in life. They require attentive financing and thoughtful improvements to increase value. A house is carefully chosen because it is going to be a home, not just a place to sleep. It is a representation of identity, so it is important to keep it looking nice, in good working order, and safe. One of the easiest way to ensure safety and prevention of damage is with a home security system. Installation of a home security system has become one of the foremost investments that homeowners look to for added home value and peace of mind. This is for a variety of reasons, a number of which go beyond the straightforward reason of wanting to keep homes safe. These less common reasons include:  

  • Psychological barriers. A home security system extends beyond the alarm itself. Potential intruders will often peruse neighborhoods in search of the most vulnerable, least secure property. With the purchase of a system, yard signs and window stickers are included. Their display serves as a psychological warning to prowlers, sending a message that a home is fortified.


  • Lower insurance payments. Many insurance companies will lower homeowner's insurance costs if home security systems are installed. With a good system, a house is less risky for the company to cover, making that homeowner a better choice for their own gamble of an investment. Some companies are so pleased with this risk reduction that they will lower payments by as much as 20%. Isn't that savings alone worth the cost of the system?


  • Peace of mind. Mental state should not be underestimated when considering a security system. They ease many homeowners' minds, especially when at work or on vacations, when houses are most susceptible to break-ins. A good night’s sleep brought about by knowing a house is secure is well worth the cost.


  • Higher resale value. An increasing number of homeowners are installing home security systems, as more buyers are seeking them when shopping for a premium home. Installing a security system gives the impression of extra care by the current owner and will result in a higher resale value. When trying to sell a property, consider boosting offers by installing a new security system.


  • Violence prevention. Understand that burglars tend to get violent if confronted during break-ins. If they manage to get into a house when the owners are home, the chances of the burglary ending in violence spike considerably. Keep not only belongings, but also loved ones, secure by installing a security system.

Securing a home is a means of caring for property and family. Although possessions are secondary, it is both reasonable and wise to take deliberate measures to protect them, too. Nurture peace of mind by investing in a home security system with All Secured.

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