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5 Ways to Open a Locked Car Door Without a Locksmith

Although a locksmith is always a good service to have on hand, if you are locked out of your car, sometimes you can’t wait for a locksmith. Or, if your cell phone is in the car with your keys, you may not be able to call a locksmith. Although newer cars offer methods such as a key-pad, older cars don’t offer quick workarounds.
Here are five methods to open a locked car door without using a locksmith.
Your Shoelace
Although this method doesn’t work on all makes and models of cars, on those it does, it offers a quick method of entry.
First you tie a slipknot in the center of the shoelace. Work the center of the string through the car door, making certain to keep hold of the ends. Once you have worked the slipknot into the car, use a back-and-forth motion to get it to slide over the door handle.
After the knot is in place, pull up to unlock the door.
A Long Rod
This is a bit harder than the shoelace, but it can be used on a wider range of cars. 
More than a rod is required. You also need a wooden wedge and an air wedge. After prying the top of your car door open, slide the wooden wedge in the gap to keep it open. Once the wooden wedge is in, use the air wedge to achieve greater separation between the car and the door. Push the wooden wedge in as far as you can to get the most room.
Once you have the maximum amount of space, insert the rod through the door gap and trigger the unlocking mechanism.
A Strip of Plastic
If you have a top locking mechanism, rather than a side one, sometimes you can slide a piece of plastic in it to trigger the locking mechanism. This still requires that you use something to pry the door open.
A Coat Hanger
Perhaps the best known method is using a wire coat hanger. This method works best for manual locks, rather than automatic ones.
Unravel the coat hanger so that one side is straight while the other is hooked. Slide the hanger between the weather stripping and the car door, until the hook is approximately 2 inches below where the car door and window meet, near the interior door handle. The control arm is usually here. If you have time, you should check a diagram for your specific make and model.
Once you’ve gotten the coat hanger positioned, rotate the hook and fish for the control arm, which might take a bit of work. Once you’ve locked in, pull up.
A Windshield Wiper
If your window is slightly ajar, you can remove your windshield wiper and maneuver it through the gap to either reach the lock or, if your keys are close, the keys themselves.
These are quick workarounds for getting into your locked car, but if you ever need assistance, don't hesitate to call the locksmith professionals at All Secured Security Services.

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