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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Decoration Theft

All SecuredIt may be the most wonderful time of the year – but unfortunately, there are Scrooges out there who bring down the fun by stealing lawn decorations. How can you avoid the bah-humbug associated with theft this season? With a few simple steps, you can keep your lawn festive and safe all season long.


Use Bolts

The simplest solution is to secure your lawn ornaments with bolts, so they’re harder to snatch. The key is to do this with as little damage to your yard as possible. If the idea of drilling holes in your fence posts or porch doesn’t fill you with holiday cheer, you’re not alone. Try these less invasive ideas to secure your décor.


Try Wire

Purchase floral wire or twine from your local hardware store (an all-purpose store such as Target or Walmart might also carry them). Wire your ornaments and decorations together so the wire isn’t visible. After you’ve secured them all together, run a piece of wire to a nearby spot you can anchor everything down, like your porch or a fence post. Sure, a thief may still be able to unravel them, but it would take much more effort and might provide more time for someone to spot a stranger in your yard.


Secure Your Lights

You put great effort into hanging your lights with care, so make sure that your investment stays put. Using short sections of floral wire, affix the lights to the branches in your trees. It’s a small extra step that can save you a lot of grief later. There’s no limit to how many places you can anchor them – just continue until you feel that stealing them would take more effort than it’s worth.


Let There Be Light

Floodlights are a worthwhile investment any time of year, but use the Christmas season as an excuse to add this extra safety measure to your home. Lights that work on a motion sensor or a timer work best, as they conserve energy while alerting you to any unwelcome presence in your yard. The last thing thieves want is you catching them in the act, and shining a spotlight on them does just that. When you’re out of town, leave a couple lights on so it looks like someone’s home.


Think Security Systems

The holiday season is the perfect time to think about revamping your home’s security. The nights are longer, and many families are traveling. Security cameras are a theft-deterrent: If a criminal spots one on your property, they’re more likely to move on. A property security system is the gift that keeps on giving, through the holiday season and beyond.


All Secured Security Services offers security cameras as part of our comprehensive selection of security system products. If you’re in the market for more security, stop by and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We can give you suggestions for your home’s style and price point. If you have any questions about your home’s security, please contact us at All Secured today.

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