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5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home from the Inside

All SecuredIs your home thoroughly secure? Does it have new lock systems and automated security? Good, but have you thought about the inside of your home? Securing your home inside isn't hard to do, and it's affordable. Follow these five simple steps and rest easy knowing your home is safe inside and out.


Install a Peephole

Peepholes are a simple way to make your home a little more secure. Look for a wide-angle peephole that will give you a larger field of vision outside your door. Make sure to keep your front light on at night so you can see clearly. Peepholes are hassle-free to install. Simply mark the spot, drill the hole, and pop in the viewer. A good wide-angle viewer costs between $20 and $40.


Replace Chain Locks

Chain locks aren't actually a great way to stop intruders. All it takes is one good shove to snap the chain off the doorframe. Even chains that screw securely to the door can break. Instead, consider installing a floor doorstop. These handy pieces screw into the floor and provide much more security than a chain lock. The best part? Installation is fairly easy and affordable.  


Add Window Locks

While you're at it, switch out your old window locks or get new ones if you don't already have some. Pin locks and other window locks prevent your windows from opening fully. This deters thieves from entering your home and acts as a safety measure for children. There are several types of locks available for sliding windows, double-hung windows, even sliding doors. Some locks close with a key, while others have a simple lever. Expect to pay around $3 to $5 per lock, and give yourself an afternoon to install them on all your windows.


Install Individual Window Alarms

Your home may already have security measures to prevent intruders from getting in the door, but what about your windows? Place individual window alarms near windows that you might otherwise neglect. For example, basement windows are one of a burglar's favorite ways to get into your home. These individual alarms require no wiring, don't have a monthly fee, and are loud enough to scare away intruders. Just remember to disarm the alarm when you want to let the breeze in on a nice day.


Get a Motion Detecting System

If you really want to up your security, install a motion detecting system in your home. They're one of the best ways to keep everyone safe. These sensors pick up motion no matter if you're home or not. Anything out of the ordinary is sent to an alert center dashboard, which is controlled by a remote or with a mobile device. They can tell you everything that goes on in your home, whether an intruder got into your house unnoticed or your teenager is trying to sneak out after curfew. Motion security systems vary widely in price and can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 or more.


For more security tips inside and outside your home, check out All Secured and our array of security systems, locks, alarms and more.

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