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5 Common Residential Locks Explained

Have you ever stopped to think about your front and back door locks? Did you choose them for a reason or were they the locks that came with the house? Not every lock is the same. Some offer more protection than others and some are easier to use on a daily basis. Before you run out to the local big box store to find your next set of locks, consider this list of common residential lock types and what they have to offer you in terms of security, usability, and aesthetics. 
1. Door Knob Locks – These locks are basic and can be picked more easily than other types of residential house locks. They feature key access on the external side and a regular door knob with a twisting knob on the internal side. In many homes, you will see these basic locks paired with a deadbolt for added protection. They come in a rounded knob style or a handle style, but generally only provide very basic protection with a latch bolt mechanism. If you are concerned about your home’s security, don’t rely on one of these locks alone to secure your home adequately against an intrusion. 
2. Deadbolt Locks – Deadbolt locks turn a strong metal cylinder into the door jamb that cannot be easily moved once it is in place. An internal toggle will usually move the cylinder in and out of the frame from the inside. Once a deadbolt has been locked, your home is significantly more secure than relying on a traditional door knob lock alone. Deadbolts that require keyed entry from both sides are the most secure in this class of locks, but can also be hazardous in the event of an emergency. 
3. Mortise Set Locks – The mortise set lock is a combination lock that acts as both the regular lock and a deadbolt in one. They feature a rectangular inset that is placed in the door and includes both a deadbolt and a latch bolt mechanism with a reinforced strike plate. They provide considerable protection against someone kicking in a door and are rated more highly for security than deadbolts. 
4. Handle Set Locks – These set locks feature a decorative handle and one or two deadbolts that must be triggered for entry. On the interior, your home may feature a handle and one or two toggles or knobs, while on the outside you may have either one deadbolt lock to turn or a deadbolt and a lock on the handle itself. These locks can be very secure and are also generally more decorative than other types of lock sets. 
5. Cylindrical Locks – You may see cylinder locks more often on doors that require frequent rekeying, like an apartment complex door. The benefit of choosing this type of keying system is its flexibility. You can choose whichever base lock type you prefer, and then have the ability to change out the keys to match certain other doors or include a master key opening capability. 
Each type of locking system has its merits. To find the best lock for your needs, consult a locksmith professional here at All Secured and look for lock systems that have higher safety ratings for added security. 

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