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5 Basic Self Defense Tips to Keep You Safe

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Though the world isn’t an inherently dangerous place, people are robbed, injured, or otherwise affected by criminal activity every day. Unfortunately, this can happen in the unlikeliest of places, so it’s important that law-abiding citizens are aware of some practices that can be helpful if they find themselves in danger.  To ensure complete safety from all outside threats, focus on securing your home with various forms of access control. Besides attaining that, here are some tips you should take into account in order to be dedicated to every safety precuation you can make. 
Cultivate a Sense of Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is something emphasized in many self-defense courses. In basic terms, it means being acutely aware of your surrounding environment. Make awareness of your surroundings second-nature. When you enter a new space, scan the area and get your bearings.
Take a quick mental note of who is around, assess whether the environment feels safe, and make a mental note of all exits or paths away from potential danger. If you are leaving a space, pay attention to who exits at the same time, and take note if they seem to be following you. A great way to stay present is to give your phone a rest. A cell phone can be a great asset in a precarious situation, but looking down at it instead of engaging with and assessing your environment can lead to danger.
Be Vocal if Your Boundaries Are Violated
If someone unknown to you is approaching, observe their body language and facial expressions. A stranger walking too near or making uninvited physical contact with you is unacceptable, and it is good to remind yourself of that fact if found in that situation. There is nothing wrong with being vocal about your personal space being violated. Make it clear to the person approaching that you are not looking for an altercation and are willing to call for help.
Choose Parking Spots Wisely
Depending on the time of day and location of your errand, it may be a good idea to pay special attention to where you park your car. Parking near the entrance of your destination is ideal, and at night, it is wise to select a space near a street light. Would-be robbers will be deterred by the visibility, and you will be protected by it while entering and exiting your vehicle.
Pay Attention to Your Instincts
There is something to be said for gut feelings. If you find yourself in a situation that seems off or you have a bad feeling about a person or an occurrence in your environment, give yourself permission to trust your instincts and remove yourself from the area.
Don’t Draw Unnecessary Attention to Yourself
It is possible for someone to make themselves a target simply by selecting expensive accessories or clothing. When going out alone, especially in areas where you may be vulnerable to crime, check that you are not drawing excessive attention to yourself with flashy or very expensive jewelry, watches, purses, or clothing. A Prada bag or Rolex watch may be great ways to show your style, but learn to assess which situations could turn them from fashion statements into enticing items for thieves. Most importantly, be aware of yourself and your environment to assuage potential problems.
There you have it! If you are worried about the various safety and security issues that you and your home could undergo, look no further than All Secured. We are the professionals you can count on to ensure your homes safety from any possible outside threat. 

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