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Security Portals by All Secured in Columbus, OH

Security Portals & Mantraps for Access Control

All Secured provides maximum access control security with mantraps and security portals in Columbus, Ohio. These portals allow only one person to enter a secured area at a time, preventing unauthorized access.

Our experienced technicians install security portals using robust materials and integrate advanced access control systems to restrict and monitor access. Units can be customized with biometrics, card readers, and other technologies.

Highly Secure Mantrap Benefits

Security portals, also known as mantraps, offer maximum access restriction:

  • Allow only individual passage for secured access control
  • Doors securely lock at both ends until identity is confirmed
  • Customizable with any access control system
  • Compact footprint fits most entrances
  • Constructed of ballistic and bulletproof materials

Mantraps create an airlock-style chamber that verifies authorized credentials before allowing individuals into sensitive areas.

Customized Access Control Integrations

We customize portal access systems to match your security needs:

  • Biometric scanners for fingerprint, facial or iris recognition
  • Magnetic stripe or proximity card readers
  • Keypads and PIN codes
  • QR code scanners
  • Interfaces with Lenel, S2, AMAG, etc.

Doors remain locked until users are identified by the access control system. This prevents unauthorized access to secured areas.

Rugged & Reliable Construction

Our Columbus security portals feature heavy duty construction:

  • Ballistic and bulletproof glass walls
  • Commercial grade locking door mechanisms
  • Tamper-proof frames
  • Standard or large corridor widths
  • Durable for high traffic applications
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use

Contact All Secured for Security Portals

To learn more about installing a highly secure mantrap or access portal, contact All Secured at (614) 424-6730 or [email protected]. We provide complimentary consultations.

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