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Mantraps for Columbus, Ohio Businesses

Security vestibules, known as mantraps, are a form of security access control that involves two or more interlocking doors with a single-person detection system that enables only one person at a time to pass through a high security area. Meant to physically detain unauthorized persons until security clearance has been granted, mantraps are a sophisticated form of access control. All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio has installed a number of mantraps in our 25 years of access control experience and can help you incorporate a setup that meets your security needs.

Mantraps are excellent for very high security areas requiring electronic security without officer involvement, often, such places include:

  • Data Centers
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Prisons
  • Research Labs
  • And more…

Typically, there are a few varying mantrap configurations that provide different levels of security and application. They are built to specification and the price depends on the door type and surrounding structures. All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio can help you choose from a variety of options that will help regulate access control to your secure areas.


Air lock control is the most basic option in which all doors are unlocked until a door is opened, forcing the other doors in the system to lock automatically. It is the least secure option since two or more doors may be opened at the same time, however it provides easy entry with no access wait time.


This system involves a setup in which all exterior doors are locked and interior doors are unlocked. A card access system will only allow entry to an exterior door if the interior door is closed. Through this combination of locked and unlocked doors, egress is swift and security is heightened.


The highest level of security comes with a restricted entry and exit mantrap system. All doors in the system remain locked and can only be unlocked when a request for access has been accepted. When one door is unlocked, all other doors in the system are secure.

All Secured has the ability to install mantraps for whichever level of security your facility requires. Our mantraps are fool-proof and are used in high security solutions where access control is strictly enforced. For more information on installing security mantraps into your facility, contact the professionals at All Securedin Columbus, Ohio today.

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