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Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems for Columbus, Ohio Businesses

Intercom systems are one of the most widely popular and versatile forms of access control, and the professionals at All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio have over 25 years of experience in installing intercoms that are used for a variety of functions.

Commonly, condos and apartment complexes use them as a way to alert tenants when a guest has arrived. In other cases, businesses use them for inner office communication or as a notification method when customers and outside visitors arrive at the door. Even homeowners can enjoy the security benefits of a home intercom system and the convenience of having an all-house monitor.

As with any form of access control technology, intercom systems have updated with the times. Today’s systems now include video functions which enable users to see and hear who is requesting entrance, ultimately adding an extra layer of security to a facility. Newer models even come as wireless and do not require permanent installation.

The security features of an intercom system allow:

  • Monitoring from various locations
  • Notification
  • Remote Locking Capability

All Secured Security Services has experience in installing all types of intercom systems, and guarantees 100 percent quality service while delivering the peace of mind you deserve. For more information on access control and installing an intercom system into your facility or home, contact the professionals at All Secured in Columbus, Ohio today.

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