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Warm Weather Security Tips

AS-image-warmer-weather-security-tips If there’s one downside to summer, it’s that homes are more at risk of being broken into than any other season. While enjoying the warm weather, it’s easy to leave windows, doors and blinds open or unlocked. As we finally get to enjoy the nice weather, make sure you’re letting the breeze and sunshine in and keeping unwanted intruders out!

Methods of Entry Think like a burglar! Doors are the most common way in, but in the summer open windows, sliding doors and screens are favorite targets. Installing a Glass Break Sensor into your alarm system is a useful tool. There is also automatic technology that allows you to remotely control and monitor doors and receive notifications instantly if doors are unlocked. Be conscious of first floor doors and windows and shrubbery around entrances, and be sure ladders or trees to upper floors are out of reach. You can also make your home less of a target by making it clear that it’s protected by displaying security system signage or window decals.

Don’t Open the Door for Strangers Summer tends to have a high number of distraction burglaries and many burglars pose as salespeople. Remind kids home for summer break to check who is outside before opening the door. Additionally, warm weather means it’s home improvement season. Be smart when having workers in and out of your home. Be discreet with your valuables and schedule, including discussing travel plans or visibly posting them on a family calendar.

Get to Know Your Neighbors There’s safety in numbers when your neighborhood is looking out for each other. Join your Neighborhood Watch program through the National Crime Prevention Council and keep an eye out for one another! All Secured provides advice and tools to help you secure your home. Contact our professional team of locksmiths in Columbus, Ohio today!

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