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Top Dog Breeds for Security

For protection and safety, many rely on large dogs that are bred with traits of protectiveness, strength, and loyalty. Not every breed is right for every family. When choosing a dog for security, don’t rely on breed stereotypes to direct your choice. Do some research and start with this list of top breeds to find the right dog for your needs:
1. Bullmastiff. These dogs are solid in build and resemble a huskier boxer. They are known for their easygoing, family-oriented natures but are also tenacious if they perceive the presence of a threat. Bullmastiffs are strong, but are generally docile and only require moderate exercise as adults. They also love being with people. With early training and socialization, you won’t find a more well-rounded guard dog than this.
2. Saint Bernard. These working dogs are known for their intimidating size. More than one story has surfaced in the media of a Saint Bernard coming to its owner’s rescue. These strong and very large dogs are known for their ability to protect family members. They have even been known to detect illness and natural weather events. Great with children, these dogs do best with early training and a strong human leader. Without proper training, a 100-200 pound Saint Bernard can wreak havoc in the home. 
3. Doberman Pinscher. In addition to looking fierce, Doberman Pinschers are bred for their intelligence and speed. You may not have thought of a Doberman as a great family dog, but the breed is loyal and loves his or her family. These dogs need a lot of exercise. The reputation of the Doberman as a guard dog is accurate, and these pups will not back down if they perceive a threat. Never leave this breed out in cold weather. 
4. Giant Schnauzer. Large schnauzers can range in size from 50 lbs. to 80 lbs. and are family oriented working dogs. They need lots of exercise, but are playful and intelligent pets. With proper training from an early age, these dogs are skilled in tracking, herding, and protection. Used in police forces and in home protection, the giant schnauzer is perfect for protecting active families. Keep them occupied during downtime with puzzle treats and hide and seek toy games, which also prevent destructive behaviors. This breed is best in households with children aged 12 and older. 
5. American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers. The pit bull’s reputation for aggression is still pervasive. The truth is that these dogs are some of the most loving and loyal breeds around. They are tenacious and protective, but when well socialized can be the perfect family pet and loyal guard dog. These dogs are smart and easily trainable if you are consistent and start at an early age. Socialize them with children when they are young, too. 
When adopting a dog for protection purposes, make sure you have a strong plan for training in place. Some dogs will naturally be protective, but will always perform best when trained appropriately from a young age. Consult a professional trainer before adopting a guard dog. 

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