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Teaching Children about Home Security Systems: The Basics

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A home security system provides you and your family with additional protection in the event of an emergency. Ideally, adults should be the only people operating a home security system; however, neglecting to teach children about the system, its purpose, and how to use it may compromise your family’s security in the event of an incident. To teach your children about home security systems, consider the following steps.


Review Your Home’s Access Points


First, children need to understand the importance of a home security system. Educate children by reviewing your home’s access points, such as doors and windows, and discussing how the alarm system is triggered. Depending on the type of home security system you have, its level of protection may differ. For example, some security systems simply set off an alarm, while others are monitored 24/7. Some home security systems may be designed to detect other threats, such as heavy smoke, in addition to an intrusion. Talk to your children about what triggers the alarm and the process that follows.


Provide Training about the Security System


Once children understand how your home security system works, provide instruction on how to turn the system on and off. Most security systems are controlled using a password entered on a key pad. If your children are old enough to use the security system, review the password with them and express the importance of keeping it secure by not telling others. This is particularly important if your child has friends over while you’re not home, as it’s easy to watch while a security code is entered. To be on the safe side, consider changing the password periodically, but don’t forget to inform older children of the new password.


Practice, Practice, Practice!


Particularly for children, practice really does make perfect. Because your home’s security is likely the last concern on your child’s mind, set up times to perform practice drills and review security measures. Reward children who are able to safely exit and enter the home by activating and deactivating the system properly. If your home’s security system is monitored, inform the company that you’re performing safety drills to prevent an unintended (and costly) false alarm. To make sure the information is remembered, randomly quiz your children about the system’s password, what to do in an emergency, and how to turn the system off.


Consider Home Security Automation


Whether your children are young or rapidly maturing, consider home security automation for additional peace of mind. With automation, you’re able to view, access, and disable the security system from a remote location using a mobile device. Having access to your security system on-the-go is a convenient way to monitor your home whether at work or on vacation.


Put in the Work


Though it seems like a complex task, teaching your children about home security systems will empower them to take an active role in an emergency situation, as opposed to becoming paralyzed with fear. Establish a family safety plan outlining the steps to take in the event of an emergency and review it often to ensure your children know how to stay safe while help is on the way.


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