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Stay Safe with Panic Alarms

All Secured“Panic alarm” often connotes danger and chaos, so some people are reluctant to get one. People don’t like to think they would ever need one. Whether or not you ever have to use it, panic alarms are a great addition to your home, vehicle, or electronic device. The All Secured Security Services staff has seen people from all walks of life benefit them, and you can, too.


Who Are Panic Alarms For?

Panic alarms are meant for everyone, but some populations may benefit more than others, including:


  • College students. Statistics show that 1 in 22 college students will be the victims of a crime during their tenure on campus. Panic alarms can keep college students safer on campuses and alert police with the push of a button. We also recommend several safety apps for phones and other electronic devices. They keep students in touch with an important network of emergency contacts and friends through GPS location.
  • Elderly people. Elderly people are often vulnerable to break-ins and attacks because they can’t escape easily or physically defend themselves. All Secured offers a variety of alarms, including door and key alarms easily activated with the push of a button or pull of a pin. We also offer alarms that are easy for an elderly person to access but difficult for an attacker to grab.
  • Disabled individuals. A disability can leave people feeling vulnerable. In fact, robbers and other attackers often approach disabled people first, believing they are easy targets. A panic alarm can help fend off attackers and alert police immediately. All Secured’s alarms are easily accessible. We offer personal alarms that can be secretly stored in clothing to increase the feeling of safety.
  • Joggers/walkers. People who jog or walk alone are at risk of being attacked, especially in large parks or urban areas. If you must work out alone, especially in the evenings, consider using one of our personal alarms that can be attached to belts or clothing.
  • Business owners. The economic downturn caused an uptick in the number of small businesses. Many small business owners work alone. Door and other security alarms help prevent break-ins and other attacks.
  • Staff dealing with clients one-on-one. Many professions require people to work one-on-one with clients, and those clients can be hostile in certain situations. If you are a medical professional, counselor, or detention officer, you may want a personal panic alarm to alert coworkers if you need immediate help. Our key, door, and vehicle alarms can help protect you as well.


There is safety in numbers, and with a panic alarm, your friends don’t need to be right next to you. In case of an emergency, no matter what your lifestyle, you can rest assured that friends, family, and emergency services are just a click away.


If you need a panic alarm or are not sure which kind to purchase, let the staff at All Secured help. Contact us for a consultation and product demonstration.

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