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Sound the Alarm: Choosing an Alarm System Installation Company

All Secured

Home security statistics tell us that out of over 2 million burglaries reported each year in the U.S., sixty-six percent are residential break-ins. Most break-ins occur during the summer, but homeowners and renters are also at risk during fall and winter. At All Secured, we want to keep you, your loved ones, and your material treasures safe from burglaries, but homeowners must also do their part. Today, we’ll discuss how to determine what security measures are right for you and how to choose an alarm installation company.


Home Security Measures: Safes


One of the easiest ways to keep money and possessions safe is to use a safe. Choosing the right safe can make a big difference. At All Secured, we have several safe options for homeowners and business owners, all of which carry different benefits:


  • Wall-mounted safes. These are mounted on standard wall studs, flush with drywall. Cover them with a picture, mirror, bookcase, or other furniture for extra protection. These are ideal for protecting cash, sensitive documents, computer codes, and more. Ask about our locking mechanism options and waterproof and fireproof versions.


  • Safe rooms. Also known as a panic room, this is an important feature if you live in a highly burglarized area. Even if you don’t, a safe room still has plenty of benefits. You can keep belongings, sensitive documents, and other possessions here and only enter yourself if there’s an immediate threat. Safe rooms can be built to blend in with the rest of your home’s décor, or hidden behind furniture or false entrances or exits.


  • Commercial office safes. If you are a business owner or have a home-based business, this is a good choice. All Secured’s commercial business safes are both fireproof and waterproof. They are usually steel and come with a variety of lock options including traditional locks, biometric fingerprint scanning, and programmable locks (program with code or password of your choice). Our safes can also include key racks, bolt-down hardware, and pry-resistant doors on request.


Home Security Measures: Alarms


Sometimes you don’t have time to get to the safe or the panic room. In that case, you need to be able to trip an alarm quickly. All Secured offers several great alarm options including:


  • Panic alarms. These are traditionally loud, somewhat abrasive alarms designed to scare off invaders or alert nearby allies until help arrives. They will immediately connect you to police, firefighters, and other needed personnel, no matter your emergency. All Secured sells several versions, including models that can be clipped to belts or clothing, door alarms, and miniature travel alarms. Panic buttons can be discharged with the push of a button, and some models use pins instead. The elderly, the disabled, college students, and small business owners can all benefit.


  • Exit alarms. These are activated when someone unlawfully enters or exits a secured location. All Secured regularly sells these to schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other public facilities.


  • Daycare fire alarms. A fire can be just as dangerous as a break-in, especially for little children. Daycare supervisors must handle many children at once, all of different ages, including newborns. All Secured will work with you to create the most secure alarm system possible, including high-tech egress controls and audible and visible alerts.


Choosing the Right Company


Choosing the right alarm system company depends on the type of security measures you want. However, there are a few key questions you should always ask. Inquire about the company’s level of experience, how many clients they serve, and the type of alarms they install most often. At All Secured, we have 25 years of experience and a highly trained staff well-versed in all the security measures listed here and more.


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