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Security Tips for Students

Campu_Safety As a student, staying safe is a top priority. Whether you’re working toward high school graduation or attending college, every student should take certain precautions to ensure personal safety and to protect property. Unfortunately, students sometimes become too comfortable with their surroundings and may fail to take proper security measures. Let’s take a look at the top security tips for students.

Stay Alert Staying alert at all times is one of the best ways students can stay safe. Commuting back and forth to any location can be dangerous if students are not aware of their surroundings. To stay aware and alert, students should fully survey their surroundings while walking or driving. Always keep a cell phone to quickly call for help if needed.

Stay in Well-Lit Areas Though some classes are held in the evening, it’s important that students remain in well-lit areas. Dark parking lots, garages, and other dimly-lit areas make it easy for criminals to surprise their victims. Many college campuses have security officers that will escort students to their vehicles if needed. Avoiding poorly-lit areas can help students stay safe and decrease the risk of harm.

Never Leave Items Unattended When not in class, students often meet at libraries, coffee shops, or a classmate's house to study and socialize. Leaving backpacks or other items unattended in a public or unfamiliar space increases the risk of theft. Specifically, students carrying expensive equipment, such as laptops or tablets, need to ensure they keep these items with them at all times. Additionally, some students opt to protect computer equipment with special lockdown services.

Try to Commute in Groups When heading back and forth to class, the library or another location, try to travel in groups whenever possible. Criminals often target students who are traveling alone because there is no one to witness a criminal act. Commuting in groups, especially for female students, reduces the risk of personal harm or property theft. As a bonus, traveling in groups is sometimes less expensive for students, as they can carpool or share cab expenses.

Avoid Carrying Valuables Students usually wake up with multiple daily responsibilities and, to save time, many students carry valuable belongings with them, even if these items aren't immediately needed. To reduce the threat of property theft or personal assault, avoid carrying valuables that might attract the attention of criminals. Instead, keep valuables in a secured location until you need to use them. Furthermore, try not to attract attention by wearing a lot of jewelry to class; expensive items, like jewelry, often act as a magnet for criminals.

Have a Safety Plan Whether you commute to class from home or live on campus, always have a safety plan in place. Let friends and loved ones know where you will be at all times, when you expect to return, and how they can reach you. Having a safety plan will ensure your loved ones can take immediate action if they don’t hear from you at a specified time. If you have questions about staying safe as a student, contact All Secured today by calling 1-800-992-7463 or by filling out our online contact form.

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