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Security Measures for Retailers During the Holiday Season

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Retailers must be particularly vigilant when the holiday season rolls around. It’s the busiest time of the year, and with that comes increased chances of theft, online and in stores. For retailers, this means beefing up security protocols to ensure the holiday season runs smoothly.


There have been 679 reported data breaches this year as of November 19th, and criminals are using online and physical location technology to obtain customer data. What are small business retailers doing to promote a successful and secure holiday season?


1.  Crowd management. Retailers are creating protocols to deal with surges of shoppers in their stores. Training employees is the key aspect of ensuring the business is managed appropriately during times of increased traffic.


2.  Monitor customer body language. Customers who appear nervous, avoid contact, come in and out of the store repeatedly, or linger in unwatched locations are potential threats. Watching for these signs can be a first line of defense in preventing theft.


3.  Be proactive. Having employees who are alert and who greet all customers gives your employees a sense of everything that is happening in the store. Know where the least watched areas of the store are, and monitor them. Use a log among employees to share suspicious activity inconspicuously.


4.  Use security cameras. Visible cameras deter theft and provide evidence for the prosecution of a shoplifter. Place cameras in high traffic areas and store rooms. For more information about the best security cameras for your store, contact All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio.


5.  Use security guards. Having people dedicated to security enhances the security against would-be shoplifters. Have guards who are uniformed and in plain clothes to catch suspicious activity.


6.  Keep the lights on. Thieves are unlikely to break into a store after hours if all the lights are on. Most thieves look for opportunities to act in secret. The entrances and exits to the store should be very well lit with fixtures that are difficult to disengage. Motion detected lighting will make most criminals find another target rather than risk being seen.


7.  Alarm systems. A professional alarm system is helpful in apprehending suspects when they try to enter the premises, and it can also prevent someone from trying to enter. Warning signs about alarm systems are an effective deterrent for many criminals.


8.  Stay up-to-date with cyber security. Taking measures to encrypt sensitive data and addressing any POS system vulnerabilities can protect customer data effectively. Ask for a copy of your POS application scan from the software provider, and look for helpful information. Learn about common attack methods and protect your systems against them. Always make sure your systems are up-to-date and have the latest security patches installed. Change passwords and authorization credentials when employees are terminated and have a small list of employees who can access the data.


9.  Don’t store credit card information. If you have to, make sure it’s encrypted and safe. Keep your SSL certification up-to-date and in the right configuration to protect data. There are vulnerability scanning tools available to alert you about areas needing increased security efforts.


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