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Security For A Daycare Facility

 Security for a Daycare Facility

At All Secured, daycare facilities represent one type of facility that we commonly work with to ensure complete security. Daycare facilities have a unique obligation to security, as they are intended to provide a safe, secure environment for children. When choosing a daycare, parents want to see that the facility has adequate security measures in place to ensure the safety of their children when they cannot be with them. Because of this, it is critical that your daycare facility invest in proper security measures, such as daycare access control, surveillance, and fire alarm systems as well as plans and policies for emergencies and overall security.

1. Control Access to the Facility The first step in securing your daycare facility involves controlling access. It is vital that your daycare keep track of who is entering and exiting that building to ensure that only those who are authorized are coming into the facility, and that children are not leaving without supervision. To control access to your daycare, install an access control system such as a card reader, intercom system, or telephone entry system.

2. Install a Surveillance System Another option for your daycare facility is a camera surveillance system. Camera systems offer many benefits to daycare facilities. First, you can monitor the facility 24/7 to keep track of who is coming in and out of the building. Second, you can keep a constant watch on the children, even allowing parents to remotely check in on their children throughout the day. Finally, you can use recorded security footage to review any events that happened previously and clarify an unclear situation.

3. Find the Right Fire Alarm System Fire alarm systems are also a crucial component of security at your daycare facility. To ensure that children of all ages in the facility will be safe in case of a fire, find a system that offers a number of sensors and a variety of both visible and audible notification systems. At All Secured, we offer the complex fire alarm systems that your daycare facility requires.

4. Prepare for Emergencies Another key aspect of security in your daycare is preparing for emergencies. A number of emergency situations can occur in a daycare facility, from fires and natural disasters to unauthorized individuals entering the building. When emergencies occur, it is important to have a set plan for employees to follow. Develop procedures for evacuation, lockdowns, and other emergency responses.

5. Have Policies in Place Along with emergency plans, it is important to have policies in place to ensure that all employees are aware of security protocols. Employees should be fully informed about what access control, surveillance, and other systems your daycare facility uses, and they should also be aware of policies surrounding entering and exiting the building as well as other security measures. At All Secured, we have years of experience providing the best security solutions to daycare facilities. To learn more about how you can ensure security at your daycare, contact All Secured today by calling us at 1-800-992-7463 or filling out our online contact form.

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