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Secure Your Home for Spring – Update Your Lock Systems!

Spring is a great time for change. Trees are budding, flowers are emerging, and people are cleaning out and redecorating their homes. With all the new changes going on, it's easy for homeowners to get lost in the excitement and forget they should be updating their security systems, as well. Spring is a great time to do a walkthrough and review your home to make sure it is equipped with the proper security system. If you notice malfunctioning, rusted locks, or are simply uncomfortable with the level of security provided, consider buying a new locking system. 
What to Look for In a New Locking System
When looking for a new lock system, there are a number of door security options that will provide better security than the traditional key and doorknob. Unfortunately, those looking to get past these doorknobs are getting smarter. Consider more complex locks to provide the home with greater security.
Master the "Lock Lingo" First
Since locks go beyond the classic key with doorknob, there is new “lock lingo” to pick up. For example, there are single-cylinder door locks that are operated using thumb-turn. They have hardened cylinders and pin configurations, among other defenses. The industry has applied different rankings to these locks, from Grades 1 to 3. Grade 1 locks are the hardest to disable.
Work Within Your Budget and Insurance
As with any major purchase, the options range in price. It is up to the buyer to decide how much money he or she can spend. In any pay range, there are pros and cons. Sometimes spending more money will only provide temporary security. Combining an expensive lock with the cost of professional installation can be more than the homeowners insurance deductible if the lock is damaged in the unfortunate event of a break in. 
Before committing to spending a lot of money on expensive locks, look at the door itself. A new expensive lock may be rendered completely useless if the doorframe is weak. Any new lock with a strike should be made of heavy duty metal and secured with three inch screws. Door hinges should be secured this way, as well. 
Consider an Alarm System
A door lock may be the most important part of creating a secure home, but an alarm system provides additional safety. Research estimates that homes without alarm systems are 2.7 times more likely to have a break-in. However, as with purchasing a door lock, spending too much money without consideration for the application can negate the purpose of the system. 
Updating or adding a new alarm system requires a bit of research and consideration on the homeowner's part. Different areas may require permits regarding noisy alarm systems. Additionally, alarm system contracts include a bit of fine print which should be reviewed. Many alarm systems contracts include clauses such as:
Early termination charges. Even upon moving, the homeowner could still be responsible for up to 80 percent of the contract term costs. Termination due to financial reasons will incur a fee, as well. 
Exclusions. Contracts often state that promises made by sales staffs are not binding if they are not included in the contract. Read and re-read contracts and make sure there is a clear understanding of expectations between your needs and what the company provides.
Limited liability. Alarm companies protect themselves in addition to protecting the homeowner. Contact clauses may release the company's liability if the damage is beyond a certain amount, often between $300 and $1,000. Carefully read the damage limitations to decide if an alarm system is right for your home.
If you need to update your alarm system for Spring 2015 in the Columbus area, look no further than All Secured. We are the locksmith professionals that you can count on! 

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