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Restaurant and Bar Business Safety

surveillance Keeping a business safe has historically been about protecting files, property, and sensitive information. When those files were all hardcopies, this meant locking the filing cabinet, locking the door to the file room, and locking the doors to the building. Now, locking the doors is a good safety precaution for any industry and for protecting your home. But in restaurants and bars, locking doors to protect files is only part of a sound security plan that must protect both property and people.   Restaurants rely on the safety of their employees, customers, and the satisfaction of all in order to be successful, as do bars. They must make sure the building and property are kept secure at all times. Below is a list of some good safety tips for bars and restaurants to implement:  

  • Make sure all alarms are working properly. A motion detector and intruder alarm is important to protect the building after hours from damage or robbery. Far more important than this, however, is the fire alarm. In a building where fires and appliances generating high heat are running at almost all hours of the business day, having a working fire alarm is the highest priority. Need an alarm for your business? At All Secured we provide security systems and alarm systems in Columbus, Ohio

  The high numbers of people in a restaurant, staff as well as patrons, means that an out of control flame in the kitchen could put many people in danger. All restaurants should have working smoke detectors and fire alarms in multiple places throughout the restaurant. This ensures that in the case of a fire, the safety of staff and patrons is greatly increased.  

  • Install proper locks and use them. After closing is often a time when thieves or burglars might attempt robberies, as with any business. Need new locks for you're business? All Secureds professional locksmith in Columbus can come to you're business and install high security locks to protect your business.

  If a robber or a desperately hungry thief is driven to stealing food or money from a restaurant after hours, then it is likely that a few broken panes of glass are not going to be much of a deterrent. And since many restaurants have large windows or glass fronted doors, a lock on the door is not going to be as effective as one might hope.   This is why it is important to install locks on the more secure inner doors as well, including doors to the manager’s office, where money is likely kept, and the more secure doors to the kitchen and stockrooms. Safety is important in all business, and installing the latest lock systems to ensure a secure property when it’s unoccupied is the first place to start.  

  • Install security cameras: These might be especially important outside any establishment that serves alcohol. Far too often, an argument involving alcohol can lead to a brawl and serious injury, and it is important for your business to protect itself and its patrons as much as possible. While security cameras may not prevent mishaps, they can most definitely help to identify guilty parties after the fact and adequately represent the facts of what happened. Interested in having security cameras installed at your business? We provide profesisonal installation of security cameras in Columbus, Ohio, learn more.

  All Secured can provide sound solutions for keeping your bar or restaurant business safe.

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