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Residential Complex Access Systems

residential access control systems When running a residential community, it is important that your residents feel secure living in your complex. All Secured Security Services offers many various solutions to fulfill your security access needs. Access control is the type of security that controls how people enter a building or area. Access control security systems come in many forms such as entry to parking lots, card reader or remote entry.

Card Reader Systems A card access reader is a type of security system that will allow entrance to a specific area through an identification card. The ID cards have information inside of them that will tell the security system that that person should have access to the building. This is a secure method of entry due to the fact that it will protect the inhabitants and employees from unauthorized harm.

Proximity Reader Systems Proximity reader security systems are similar to card reader systems but instead of swiping a card, you hold the “key” in front of the reader to gain access. The device that is used as a key can be a fob, badge or card. Intercom Systems A wildly popular method of residential security, intercom systems are used to notify the tenant when they have a guest that has arrived. These security systems are now more advanced than ever, allowing both voice and live video to be used to notify the resident. Intercom systems come with a remote locking ability that will grant access to visitors of the resident’s choosing.

Telephone Entry Systems Telephone entry systems are similar to intercom systems except visitors are able to use a keypad to call a number to request entrance. The keypads can also be programmed and used to gain access through an entry code. Many gated communities use this type of access security system.

Remote Entry & Buzzers Security devices that are incorporated into a locked-door system are remote entry style security. This system requires visitors to buzz for entry into the building. Specific personnel who monitor the entry ways can grant access and open the door without having to move. Parking Lot Gate Systems Being able to provide secure residential parking is vital when running a residential complex. There are various types of parking lot gate systems including barrier arm gates, swing gates and slide gates. Having a secure parking lot access security system will help prevent unwanted guests from entering the property.

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About Us All Secured has over 25 years of experience installing security systems and can help you install or upgrade your current residential access system. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company that takes pride in upholding a high level of customer satisfaction. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact one of our professionals today.  

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