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Regulations of Fire Safety Systems for Businesses in Columbus, Ohio

Regulations of Fire Safety Systems for Businesses in Columbus Ohio

At All Secured Security Services, we know just how important it is to make sure that your building is secure against any dangers. These dangers include a number of disasters or other issues that could take place, but one particularly important code that your building should adhere to is that of fire safety. As a business that specializes in fire alarms, not only will All Secured install fire alarm systems for your business, but we can also check your system for compliance with fire codes in Columbus.

Fire Protection System Basics For businesses, many of the fire safety system regulations are actually the same as the systems in place in residential buildings. For instance, smoke detectors should be installed on every level of the building. Additionally, depending upon the size of the building, in some cases you should be sure to install more than one fire alarm per level of the commercial space. At All Secured, we have over a quarter of a century of experience with providing security solutions, including fire alarms, so you know where to turn if you need any assistance with fire safety in Columbus. Additionally, especially if you are operating in a public building, there should be fire alarm pull boxes near entrances and exits. These fire alarms should be free of obstructions so that they can be easily accessed in case of an emergency. Additionally, if your building has sprinklers, you should be sure to keep the sprinklers clear of obstruction as well. If anything is within 18 inches of the sprinkler, then it should be permanently moved to a different location.

Fire Inspections Your business should be ready to pass a fire inspection at a moment’s notice. These inspections take place in order to check up on any kinds of hazards that might be present in your company’s building. If any corrections are necessary, then your fire department should present you with a report in writing. The best thing you can do after inspection is to comply with these corrections, not only for legal reasons but because it is simply the safest thing to do. In order to prepare for your inspection, you should make sure you meet all the above criteria. Of utmost importance, as mentioned above, is the presence of working fire alarms. Fire protection features are some of the most critical aspects of any business, because believe it or not, a building fire occurs in the state of Ohio every 30 minutes.

In Case of a Fire There is no point to having an alarm if it doesn’t alert you to the problem. When you hear the alarm go off, you should immediately call the Columbus fire department. Better yet, your alarm system should be hooked up to contact the fire department, so that you automatically get a hold of the emergency team should a fire occur. Make sure you have a fire escape plan in effect so that you can get out when you need to. If you have any questions about fire safety and how you can better protect your business, get in touch with us at All Secured.

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