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New Year, New Upgrades to Your Home’s Security

All Secured

Not only are the holidays a time of increased concern because of theft, but it’s the perfect time to evaluate your property for the coming year. Take advantage of this opportunity to shore up any gaps in your home security that might leave you vulnerable to an attack.


Upgrade to Modern Security


If you haven’t changed your security features in several years, you might find that the technology has changed. Find a home security system you can access remotely for heightened security wherever you may be. Surveillance and motion detection can keep your property safe while you are at work or away on business. Being able to access your cameras and the status of the system from your mobile device means you’ll always enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you home is safe from intruders.


Audio recording surveillance systems can provide evidence in the event of a home invasion and keep you safe from prosecution in the event of a dispute. Evaluating the locks on your home and the security of your doors is another way to make sure your home will not be targeted by an intruder.


Stay Safe


For families with small children, consider investing in a gun safe to guarantee all firearms are secure when little hands go wandering. Having your firearms locked safely away also ensures that anyone who should not have access to your weapons can find them by accident or on purpose, and they will always be available to you if needed.


A general safe can store your prized possessions and important documents. In the event of a natural disaster or other crisis, having your documents located centrally in a safe will allow you to retrieve them at a moment’s notice if needed. Place your safe in a place that is easily accessible, but not regularly traveled, like a bedroom closet.


Protect Your Home Today


There are millions of burglaries around the United States every year. Don’t put off investing in a security system any longer. You could lose valuable property or end up in a dangerous standoff with a criminal by not investing in home security. Being proactive will provide you with peace of mind while giving you access to pertinent information about the activities of your home while you are away. Don’t rely on a dog as your sole protection, either. While a dog might be a deterrent for some burglars, many come prepared and have ways of avoiding animals when they are determined to enter a property unauthorized. Keep your pet, family, and belongings safe by investing in a quality home security system today.


Having a security service come out to your home is a great way to determine if you have left any stone unturned. All Secured Security Services LLC is your complete security provider in Columbus, Ohio. If you need to evaluate installing a new system or upgrading your current one, we can help you find the right solution to make sure your possessions and home are safeguarded in 2015. 

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