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Importance of Changing Locks When You Move Into a New Place

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For many homeowners, changing locks when you move to a new place is a no-brainer. Another person having access to your home and belongings feels both uncomfortable and dangerous. Forgetting to change the locks soon after moving, however, is easy to do and can have serious consequences.


Aside from being a safety concern, not changing the locks may cause future insurance problems. According to research, homes are often broken into by people previous owners knew. Even if you trust the previous owner of a home, you cannot trust the security of the locks was never compromised.


There are other considerations to be taken into account as far as lock changing is concerned, especially for tenants. For example, if you live in a rented home, condo, townhome, or apartment, the landlord is responsible for changing the locks. Asking your landlord about the lock changing policy will provide peace of mind, informing you about who may have previously had access to your home. Never change the locks in a rented space without first discussing the matter with your landlord.


In some places, community associations may have restrictions on what kinds of locks can be used if you decide to change up your security configuration. It’s wise to speak to the homeowner’s association before purchasing or installing a new lock. Not seeking an association’s approval could lead to fines or community citations.


Changing the locks may include dealing with multiple doors in your home, and calling a locksmith is the surest way to know the locks are fixed properly and quickly. While changing a lock isn’t difficult, correctly removing and installing a new lock is a matter of safety.


Rekeying is another option on some locks. As far as safety is concerned, rekeying is as effective as changing the whole lock and can be more cost-effective. A professional can change part of the lock, rendering old keys useless. He or she will fit a new key. Rekeying is a good option for areas where lock design is uniform.


At All Secured Security Services, LLC we know locks are a home’s first line of defense. We can remove the old locks and install new ones in your new Columbus, Ohio home. To learn more about the locks we carry and can customize for your needs, contact All Secured online today or at 1-800-992-7463. Our team is ready to help you determine your lock needs and provide a free quote.


When you change the locks on your home, the security evaluation is not over. Keep track of all spare keys, and don’t make more than necessary. A changed lock key in the hands of the wrong person could be just as dangerous as never having changed the locks in the first place. Moving into a new home may be the time to consider other security precautions, like security alarms or surveillance. Putting new security measures in place and confirming your existing ones provides peace of mind. In areas known for high crime rates, this is invaluable.

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