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How to Secure Your Home When It’s on the Market

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Selling a home can be a nerve-wracking process, involving the coordination of many people and a huge investment of time. Few are aware of the dangers present when showing a home on the real estate market. In 2014, a real estate agent in Arkansas was murdered, highlighting the importance of security when showing a home. Owners and real estate agents alike should be vigilant in ensuring their safety during the process.


How to Prepare for Meeting Prospective Buyers


Intuition has come under fire lately as a poor decision-making process. With Big Data analytics driving most business decisions, some people are reluctant to “go with their gut.”  When it comes to your safety, though, you have to trust your instincts. Never enter a situation where you do not feel comfortable. 


Homeowners should schedule all personal home viewings so that they knew who will be coming to their home and when. Never let unannounced realtors or buyers enter your home, have them make an appointment with an agent first. If they are not willing to do this, then politely ask them to leave and call the authorities if necessary.


Also remember that there is safety in numbers. Never conduct an open house or allow a prospective buyer into your home when you are alone.  This also applies to agents, who are often barred by their employers from showing houses alone.


Many homeowners have developed the good habit of setting their security alarms whenever they are away from home. This can cause complications with your real estate agent, so be sure to provide detailed instructions and be available to help deactivate the system if the realtor unintentionally trips it.


The Open House: A Tangled Web of Insecurity


Open houses are an excellent and efficient way to show a home on the market. However, because you are letting strangers into your home, you are putting yourself at great risk. Real estate agents frequently screen potential clients for safety and liability reasons. When hosting an open house, you skip over this important security-ensuring step.


One best practice is to have guests sign a log when they enter. It is easy to provide false information, so be sure you or your agent are asking for photo ID.


If you are allowing realtors to conduct the open house without you, ensure their safety by providing a detailed emergency plan. This also reduces your liability in the event that something unfortunate does happen. Realtors should never conduct an open house alone and should always bring a colleague.


Secure all your valuables, not only to reduce clutter and make the home more attractive, but also to prevent thefts. Make sure all guests are escorted throughout the home and never allow any solo wanderers.


If you are selling your home, consult with a security expert to learn how you can protect your assets, family, and real estate agent. A small investment in protection can improve the value of your home and ensure safety. 

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