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How to Protect Your Home While Away on Vacation

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Going on a vacation is an exciting experience, especially when the whole family is coming along. After a long getaway, a vacation is quickly ruined when you return home only to find your  home’s security was compromised. Don’t let a lack of preparation put a damper on your fun. Take the following steps to ensure your property is protected while on vacation.

Let Neighbors Know When planning a vacation, the first thing to do is let a trusted friend or neighbor know about your plans. If possible, see if they would be willing to house-sit. Otherwise, ask them to periodically check on your home while you’re away. Provide them with all contact information and your expected date of return. Also, ask a friend to hold on to any spare keys on the property until you return.

Talk to Your Alarm Company If using a home security company, talk to them about your vacation plans. Provide the security system company with contact information, date of return and the name and number of the friend you’ve designated to check on your home. This way, if there’s a disturbance, the security company can act quickly. The more quickly emergency personnel can be dispatched to your home, the better their chances of catching a criminal.

Don’t Announce Plans While it can be tempting to announce vacation plans to the world, be careful who you tell. Posting vacation plan on social media can leave a convenient blueprint behind for criminals. Never post particulars about vacation plans on public forums. Instead, trust the details to a select few.

Stop the Mail and Newspaper Prior to taking off for vacation, have all mail and newspaper subscriptions temporarily stopped. Nothing attracts would-be burglars more than an overflowing mailbox or a week’s worth of newspapers at your doorstep. It’s a sure sign to a criminal that you’re not home – a green light for unlawful entry.

Lock Doors and Windows It may sound silly, but statistics indicate that nearly one-third of criminals enter homes through unlocked doors and windows. Additionally, many people may lock doors and windows on the first floor but forget about the second. Before your vacation, take inventory of all windows and doors on the first and second floors. Install locks on these potential entry points and ensure all locks are secured before leaving.

Curtains Open While it’s common to think you should close curtains, not everyone agrees. If you’re planning to have a neighbor or friend check on your home, it may be best to leave the curtains at least halfway open. By doing so, your friend will quickly see if there’s someone in your home. Since criminals don’t like to be seen in the act, they may close the curtains once they’ve gained entry. If curtains are left open, a closed curtain will serve as a sign to watchful neighbors that there has been an intruder. If you’re looking for the best way to secure your home, contact the professionals at All Secured Security Service today.

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